Friday, 30 September 2016

Making your life count in October; 35 dos and donts

So it's the end of September 2016 today?awwwwh how time flies and days rolled by so fast, thereby, making my birthday come faster. Lolz

Now, let's take a recap of what happened from 1st - this day 30th. Was there any progress, improvement or addition to your life? Did you achieve all you intend to achieve in September?
Did you make meaningful contacts/association? Did you say things you wish you never said or went to places you wish you never visited? Do you have regrets in these past 29 days and you wish to make up for?

If you find yourself in any of these categories, never mind that is why you have the opportunity again to make your wrongs right in October.

However, if you must make significant progress in October, here are 35 things you must strive to do.

1. Avoid eating late.
2. Reduce sleep.
3. Avoid gossip.
4. Reduce movies.
5. Reduce your sugar intake and increase your water intake.
6. Do not bear grudges.
7. Remove ego.
8. Remove lust.
9. Avoid distractions.
10. Be more happy.
11. Be more honest.
12. Be more thankful.
13. Be Simple.
15. Increase your prayers.
16. Increase your study(WORD) and relevant motivationals.
17. Increase exercise.
18. Increase fasting.
19. Increase giving.
20. Be discipline.
21. Be humble.
22. Be timely.
23. Be Faithful
24. Be positive.
25. Be ready.
26. Be sensitive.
27. Be anointed.
28.Be peaceful.
29. Always smile.
30. Always Learn.
31. Restrict irrelevant movement.
32. Receive counsel.
33. Engage wisdom.
34. Resist the devil.
35. Avoid sin.

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