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How to react to a rumor

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Rumor according to world book dictionary, is a story or statement talked of as news without any proof that it is true, it's a general talk not based on definite knowledge.

Back in my university days, i had this toasters, abi suitor who would not allow me drink water and drop the cup (as in he didn't give me space nor allow me rest) lolz ignore my local language.

This guy was so obsessed with me that at a point he became violent but i stood my ground not because he wasn't good looking o but because i knew he wasn't the man i prayed for.

Not long ago, i ran into an old ex-coursemate and after our normal exchanged of pleasantries, he asked if i am still in touch with dude.
I said no i was already hooked then). Coursemate now went ahead and spilled alot but, one thing he said that i gave attention to, was that, dude(toaster) said the reason why he refused to date/marry me was because i was a "runs girl" (one that offers her body in exchange for money).

I was shocked and felt bad inwardly (why do people take pleasure in fabricating lies just to tarnish the image of another?) because i had a quick flash of how he was running from pillar to post back then. But i didn't allow my countenance show (cos i have started suspecting coursemate too) i only responded with a fake smile that looks real though and said you mean dude desperately wanted to marry a "runs girl" back then? he must be a "runs boy" too and that was the end of discussion.

Note that :

>I did not argue
>I did a great job of controlling my emotions before him.
>I gave a simple and straight forward reply.

Now back to my post title "how to react to a rumor". It is a common knowledge that rumours are most times negative stories fabricated to tarnish ones image.

Very rare will you hear a rumor that is not of a bad report and it hurts very well when you hear an unpleasant report about you.

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Below are the ways i have always handled mine and i think it can be of benefit to you.

(1) Don't argue or trade words. 

Argument is different from making your points okay? That means you can actually make your points without unnecessary argument. People believe what they want to believe anyways.

(2)  Try to conceal your emotions.

Rumours hurts so much that it most times breaks one down. You can cry, you can lean on a trusted shoulders but do it behind closed doors. The rumours may have been spread to make you feel bad, to destroy you but your pretending to be courageous kills the intention of the rumours fabricator. Don't let them see you cry that tears is too precious to be spill because of an uncircumcised philistine.

(3) If you must clear the air, be simple and straight to the point. 

Everyone is entitled to their opinions so why allow peoples opinion that is far from God's thought weigh you down.

(4) Don't dwell on it.  

Instead of dwelling in self-pity or having your thoughts centered on the fabricated lies of mere human, invest that time to dwell on God's word (I. E if you aren't occupy with work or business).

The only time you should dwell on those rumours or think about them, is when you are having a conversation with God in the place of prayer because only God can truly heal and vindicate you..

What is the worst rumour you have heard about your person and how did you react?  Let's talk.

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  1. Oh my! I can totally relate to this! Thank you for handling it so well pretty!I hate rumor ahhh!

  2. Great sweetie. See ehn, I've discovered that when we learn to manage and control out emotions, life can only be better and easier. 

  3. i have heard alot of rumours about me even now that am married,when they say it i act uninterested,i overlook the spreader of rumour and the rumor mongers.No time for sidetalk if its not money talk

    1. I like your comment BMF. *No Time for Sidetalk*


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