Monday, 12 September 2016

How God Used My Premature Baby (5 Months, 2 Weeks; 790grams) To Bring Me Closer To Him by David Psalmtwentythree Osagie

This was the beginning of a new me, the process of change, redemption, salvation or simply put, Getting closer to God.

My daughter was born on the 3rd of March 2002, 5 months and 2 weeks of pregnancy. She was premature. I had just finished my overnight or 2nd job as a bouncer in a club in Germany.

She weighed 790grams, not even 1kg. On seeing her tiny structure inside the incubator, I cried like I never cried before. I asked God, why, why me? After crying out my heart, I realized only a miracle could save her.

She is the reason till today, why my faith in God is so strong. I laid my hands over her and prayed. I did not know what to pray about, but I prayed my pains onto God and begged God not to allow my sins/punishment for my numerous transgressions be passed unto my little girl.

_I made a vow to God. 3 days later I went and paid the vow to my Church to be passed unto the poor and needy. My Pastor prayed with me. I prayed that my daughter would leave that Hospital without complications hence the vow/deal with God.

My daughter is 14+ years old now, straight A student, speaks 3 international languages already, and she left that Hospital without complications.

What else can I say? My pain as I saw it then was actually God's way of drawing me closer to come to know him and have faith in him..

Source: Instagram (midas_interior)

This story by David  Psalmtwentythree Osagie is how i welcome myself (lolz) from my self-approved leave. Thanks to you all for checking on me. For your calls and messages i say a very big THANKS. 

I see you all... #Onelove 


  1. wow, this is amazing... No one can ever know or understand the ways of God and that is why he is God.

    Really amazing story.

  2. Wow! Such a heartwarming and inspiring story, Also welcome back girl!!

  3. Wow! This is so inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

    Sweet Glo,we miss you. :*


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