Monday, 26 September 2016

Growing, the key to greatness

An individual with a winning attitude is the one who always leaves room for growth in every area of his life. Growing, is one key to greatness that cannot be overemphasized.
If Jesus needed to grow, you and i probably need it more than He did. Anyone with the attitude that he knows it all might as well forget about winning in life because as long as you continue to breathe, there will always be room to learn something new that will help improve your position in life.

Let me quickly state some important points to note in other to keep growing..

- stay connected to your source of growth. 

- Have a desire. 

- Remain humble. 

- Do not get carried away by the success you see. 

- Do not be ashamed to ask for help. 

- Define your area of growth per-time. 

- Never limit yourself. 

- Seek growth in every area of your life. 

- Be willing. 

- Set a goal. 

Many people have not yet realized that to become successful in life, you must strive to grow mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

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Many do not also realize that you cannot neglect any of these areas without causing damage to the other areas. But the truth is that, no one can function effectively without paying attention to growth in every areas of his life.

Let us develop an attitude geared towards growth in every aspect of our life as long as we are alive.
Never limit your growth only to a particular area of your life. Let your attitude instead be that of willingness to yield yourself and seek growth in every aspect of your life including your spiritual, emotional and physical aspects of your life.

My personal experience has taught me that developing in the areas mentioned above involves an individual determination to cooperate with "self"

It is also important to note that we are all unique and obviously, different in our different stages of development and process of growth.

That is why it is unreasonable to compare ourselves with others because no matter how much you try, you will never be someone else. You were not designed and programmed to be someone else but you.

The key is be yourself and strive to improve the "you" in "you" as that "you" is what truly makes "you" unique.

Also read how to be successful in being "you" here.

Keep growing and have a blessing-filled week.


  1. This is a really helpful article
    Growing daily really is how we achieve the greatness we seek
    Problem is with out impatience and our egos and maybe even the lust of our eyes, and so we refuse to see that Rome wasn't built in a day
    Like they say, one step at a time ☺

    1. Thanks dearie. Many are carried away also by temporary success.

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  2. Hmm. . . This post is everything. We must strive to BECOME what He wants us to be everyday.

    It is a continous process.

    1. Yeah its only when we see and make it a continuous process that we truly can BECOME the person He wants us to be. Thanks Amaka for always being so supportive.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. It's important to not be satisfied with the status quo. We should keep thriving to widen our horizon and be better versions of ourselves.
    Laitanbee Blog

  4. YES!I verily agree with this post!!!


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