Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Get angry

Naija's foremost blogger Linda Ikeji turned 36 today and she upload a 40 minutes video on her blog where she talked in details about her journey to fame and wealth.
I have published about Linda Ikeji here and here before but in this post am going to be highlighting some lessons i learnt from her bedroom video.

Below is the highlight of her message to dreamers :

When an idea dies, start another.

Many at times, we tend to get discouraged very quickly. Not many people want to pay a price rather, many are of the believe that success comes overnight.
This 36-year-old blogger went into many ventures that never saw the light of the day. She tried her hands on publishing, recording a TV show, setting up a modeling agency and all manners. She spent her money and time yet there wasn't any positive results but she didn't give up. She held on to hope, she held on to her dreams, she refused to get distracted and she focused on God.

Never stop chasing your dreams. 

There are too many potholes and speed-breakers on the road to success but all you need do is find your way around it. When a vehicle goes through a tunnel, you don't jump out and start screaming. You stay put until it passes through the tunnel and onto the road again. A dream dies only when you stop chasing it.
This is just as it is pray. Prayer changes situation.

Get angry. 

On the day she turned thirty, seeing no physical results about her struggles thus far, Linda said she was angry with the way her life is going. According to her she cried, prayed and questioned.

How many can chase their dreams for twelve years, indebted to a bank, picked up by anti-fraud unit and yet didn't gave up?

Truth be told it's not easy to keep believing, it's not easy to keep holding on especially when you aren't getting a positive feedback from your hustle. But as hard a pill it maybe to swallow, the key to success is to remain focus.

Without any form of shame or intimidation, the 36-year-old blogger submitted that she needs a man in her life right now.
Now not many celebrity/people would come out openly to say that. I mean that video is a worldwide video and am sure by now she would have received messages from thousands of eligible bachelor who wants to marry lolz.

Seriously she admitted that her attention, desire and dreams was to succeed in life hence she didn't pay much attention to her love life. Does it implies that if a young woman wants to succeed, she should neglect her love life?

What is your thought on this?


  1. I do not think she intentionally meant to neglect her love life. Trying to balance working and being in a relationship is hard. Sometimes we give attention to one aspects of our lives and we forget about the other.

    1. Her words were that she focused on building her career, her prayers were about her career, she doesn't mingle. She went further to say even if she goes out mostly on weekends, she goes to specific places with specific people. My submission is that she did neglected her love life.
      Thanks for stopping by hope to see you again.

  2. I love that lady, love her peserverance. Love her simplicity


    1. Yeah she is simple. Thanks for stopping by dear.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. you really succintly explained the video,in my own view,she failed to give hjer carreer and love life a balance,she focused more on the career which has adversely affected her love life :this is one of the major cause of issues and divorce in most homes.i hope sge has learnt her lesson and i pray God gives her man after his heart.

  4. It is essential we all press on. Going through the speed braker tend to slow us down but it was put there for a purpose. Obey it and it will save my life and someone's life.
    When you don't slow down when you get to a speed braker you might destroy the car or kill yourself.
    The challenges of life are there for a purpose and they are there to make us better not bitter.
    When we meet the humps and the speed beakers of life, we most be wise enough to take it easy and follow the relevant steps to go through it successfully. May God help us all to continue the path to our dreams because the Lord will perfect it.


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