Thursday, 29 September 2016

Five lessons recession has taught me

Who agree with me that Nigerians play too much ? This recession season would have been more critical if we weren't Nigerians.
So, i was at my customer's place the other day to buy ororo(groundnut oil) and the woman told me the price.
At first i actually thought she didn't know what i was talking about but, reality dawned on me when she re-echo the price and added "aunty e bi like say he don tay you buy ororo"?
Seriously the price difference compare to the last time i bought, is doubled.

In midst of all this Nigerians still find a way to pose for photos like this? See photos below..

Another thing that surprised me now is the way people end conversations these days. I was having a conversation with a friend on watsappp the other day, and she concluded with this:

So what are you up to and what is the funniest meme you have seen this season?

Lately also, i decided to stop bothering my head over these five things as i presently do not have the power to change them  (i cannot come n go and kill myself over nothing).

The price of rice
My worries won't change it. At most if i can't afford a bag or half, i can afford a custard rubber or even measure with cup. Anyhow you I will still eat rice. Aswear this is the period to really consider sewing your clothe according to your material.

The price of kerosene
Hehehe last week i ran out of gas and decided to go get kerosene for my stove since i don't have a spare cylinder. I was surprised when mama Pepe said it's N250 per litre. I didn't know it has gotten that bad o. So i should now start crying or thinking about it? When i know i don't have an oil-well behind my house?. Mbanu life is too precious to be cut-short because of the high price of kerosene bikonu.

The exchange rate
OK, since i have been shouting and complaining about it, who has even dashed me dollar? Abeg i have moved on o. I jejely know how to corner Mama Nkechi to buy my bend-down pick and even with that sef, the logo is still "afford what you can and ignore what you can't".

Other people's business
Unless i am directly involved, this is not the time to carry another man's matter like gala on my head. This is the time to think up other side hustles that can bring in more money to my bank account. Afterall, people are still flying business class and doing their shopping in Dubai.

Who is dating who
Imagine oo people have started playing "CID"  just to know who Toke Makinwa is currently dating and why Linda Ikeji didn’t marry Dan Foster. Ehen ehen on top this recession? Biko instead i want to know why Mr President said  "change begins with me" fullstop

See more posing below jare after Amaka will be forming she knows how to pose. Lolz *runsaway*

So what are you doing differently this period and what price difference did you notice? Please share with us and don't laugh alone share this post with your friends.


  1. Great article, kindly work on this design, try to resize your blog template to fit every Mobile screen.. From

    1. Work on the mobile view. It doesn't appear well

  2. Omg! I think this is the funniest post i have ever seen on Trendwith gloria.LMAO
    This recession so tey don even affect Nigerian Blog readers before my alexa rate in Nigeria was between 3k-6k but now i rank14k in Nigeria while globally i rank 193,,,which means my foreign readers visir more..hahahahha

    This recession no be here,i used to buy my Perfume Guerlain Santal Royal for 18k but when i called my customer he said its now 33k,see that double price,omo na to dey use victoria secret afterall i no get body odour.

    In all Recession has no hold on me....

    1. Lolz yeah i think it's the most hilarious post so far. Hehehe recession affect data too? Prices for almost everything doubled. Thanks for your contributions dear.

  3. LWKMD... Recession, Recession, Recession... How many times did I call you!

  4. My dear it's d best way to laugh it out loud. Carry go dear.

  5. Lol.. Sisi Gloria, you crack me out.

    I also decided to stop bothering my head over these five things

    Immediately I heard that recession had affected the price of rice, I quickly went and bought a new GLO sim card.

    I keep recharging so that they keep loading me with their bonus. Not because I'm their number one fan but simply because I want to keep in close contact with my friends and families; especially those planning their wedding.

    I'm just trying to show love by not allowing the wedding rice to be wasted at the party.

    Eve those price of rice hit 40k, Nigerians will still buy the gold plated iPhone 7


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