Thursday, 15 September 2016

Dear Gloria My Boyfriend Stole My Jewelry

Dear Gloria,

I want to commend you for your good works on this blog. I am your follower from Instagram from where i saw your blog and in the process of searching your achive, i saw the dear Gloria mails hence i decided to share my story with you but will prefer to remain anonymous.

My is a long story but will try to make it as brief as i can.
I started dating this boy in may 2015 which means we have been dating for sixteen months. It has been an ok relationship not all i desire but just have to manage since i hardly get the attention of guys and am already 28 years old.

We have had our ups and down though the "downs" is far more than the ups(story for another day).

My purpose of this email is this; my boyfriend stole my gold chain.

There was a day he came visiting and for some reasons i can't explain, i left him in my room and rushed to get something outside. When i came back i noticed he wasn't behaving like he was few minutes ago.

He became so uncomfortable that he left in the next few minutes which is very unusual. I saw him to the car and get back into my room and somehow got to where i keep my jewelries but discover that one of my gold neckpiece is missing.

I concluded that i mistakenly dropped it somewhere (even though i knew that i hardly wear that particular piece). I honestly didn't even suspect my friend until i went to one function in his family and saw the exact neckpiece on his supposed cousin. In my CID style i asked and she said she took it from her brother’s room and he isn't even aware but since she doesn't want her neck to be bare, she secretly took it and will also secretly return it after the party.
I died and woke up standing because this is someone that has proposed to me and i have accepted. I don't know what to do whether to confront him or not. It's been one week now and suddenly the little love i have for him has vanished.
Please published so that i can get counsel and other girls will know that some men can steal from their girlfriends. I am still surprised and chocked.

My opinion. 
Dear anonymous thanks for following me all the way from Instagram to blogger i am grateful. I believe by now you would have read my mail. 
Now, from your mail it sounds like this isn't your kind of relationship. If yes, then i ask; why are you gambling with your happiness? Being in a loveless marriage (cos you said he has proposed) is the worst thing that can happen to a woman. You have no business getting involved with this person in the first place. 

In my opinion also, i think you should confront him since you are 80%sure that the jewelry in question belongs to you and its presently missing. Permit me to say that this boyfriend of yours has an agenda and am almost sure that it isn't a good one. If at a relationship level your bad times surpasses your good times as you said, dear, i would say are about to make the greatest mistake of your life. Age has nothing to do with this as your wellbeing and happiness lies solely on you. I wish you all the best. 

Over to you guys what do you think?


  1. Ouch, this is sad. I'd advice her to leave the relationship because she obviously doesn't seem happy so why bother? Just leave the relationship and go find happiness.
    Laitanbee Blog

    1. Same advice i gave above. Happiness shouldn't be traded for anything. Good to have you here and thanks for your contribution

  2. your boyfriend stole your jewellery?bad pone,abeg leave him before he sells all your belongings but before walking away confront him and accuse him of stealing

  3. My sister donning away from d guy I don't believe DAT is d solution while not confront him n rebuike him u mint b d one God want use save him D's is a guy u HV bn with over yr who knows wat will happen for next one,pls u just nd wisdom n b wise when taking destn l pray 4 u God w help u

  4. I honestly dont think you should be in a relationship were the sad times are perpetually more than the good times, it is very unhealthy. Then there is the fact that he has allegedly stolen your jewelry, that is some serious red flags girl and I dont think you should ignore it. I honestly pray that God gives you the wisdom to deal with

    1. Red flags too glaring to be ignored. Thanks hun your contribution means so much to us.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.


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