Thursday, 22 September 2016

Dear Gloria, i was raped by a friend

Dear Gloria,
Good day ma"m i do hope this mail get to you in good health. I have been a follower of your blog especially on the letter segment and i can say you are really rendering a good service to the confused like me.

My story isn't a strange one, as it has become the other of the day in this country especially when the less privileged, less connected are involved, it just died almost immediately.

As rampant as it is, what the authority concerned/public is unaware of, is the level of emotional torture that these victims go through.

The torture is so intense that in most cases it leads to a chattered destiny.
My name is Chisom (not real name) and am 22 years old currently in my 300 level in one of the country's tertiary institution.

What happened to me, is still like a nightmare and it will take forever for me to forget it. I have a friend (male) from my secondary school days (i attended a mixed school) and back then we where so fond of ourselves but it was an agape love kinda feeling.

Well, to shorten the story, my so called friend whom happen to be in same uni with me, raped me in my first year and i have vowed to pay back now, or in the nearest future. We weren't dating but the possibility that we could end up together was there.

This guy knew i was a virgin and i have vowed to remain one until i get married. His reason for the act was that he didn't want another to get in there before him.

The idiot drugged my drink and raped me. I couldn't tell anyone cos people who would be shocked that he isn't my boyfriend (because of our level of intimacy) would blame me for being too free with someone whom i have no love relationship with. Hence i decided to spare myself those unnecessary blame here and there.
After two years, i  am hardened but have vowed to revenge.

This is my story ma i do hope you post and let the world know how wicked the heart of man is indeed.

Awwwwh sweetheart, i feel like giving you a hug and a pat on your back to reassure you that all is well. To reassure you that you still have your dignity and conscience with you. 

What your friend did was bad in all ramification very bad but am afraid you didn't draw the line. Being friends with the opposite sex is not bad but i always advice that people should know where to draw the line. 

Thinking every guy out there is wicked and a rapist may not allow you live a normal life. You should talk to someone close by and so you can have a one on one chat. 

Read this and this.  

So sorry about how you currently feel but i want you to change your mindset and channel your thoughts /focus into being a better person rather than a motive to revenge

Please focus on your life and give yourself time to heal because from your tone you still sound hurt. Stop hurting further by carrying this burden in your heart. 

Hope you are reading this and ofcourse you will also see other blog reader's reaction. 
I love you sis thanks for sending this in. 


  1. So sorry dear. Let it go and forgive him. Revenge won't help you. Pray for him that God convicts him of his sins and ask God to help you too


  2. next time always set boundaries,he has the gut to rape you because you were too close for comfort.take what happened to you as a lesson.please did you report to the necessary authorities?

  3. Oh am so sorry sweety!I hope you have reported the culprit?

  4. Idiot please what kind of drug did he put in your drink before raping you?? I think I need the same for one of my Holy Mary girlfriend... Lol my question is did you enjoy the ***lwkmd lol������ OK good pinkin in me oya turn on. 1, No sorry for you it all your fault ( if you like accept if you like don't) 2. Is never too late to report. 3 if you keep saying you will revenge believe me YOU WALL NEVER FIND PEACE. the best way is to forget and forgive. 4. If You keep thinking that the heart of men is wicked you will never find a good man. But to be Sincere apologies on that dude behalf lol


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