Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Amazing Love Story Of Primary School Classmates Who Reunited On Facebook

Read the amazing story as shared by the bride-to-be, Lara Akinyemi below:

I dont realy know how to write these types of stories, i will just struggle. 

Our love story started on Facebook!! Believe it or not. In the afternoon of sept 2009 , i was in med school then, got a msg from an old primary school mate (couldnt even remember him) , i had 2 confirm from my class pics, i almost neva reply Fb msgs especially from strangers, dont even read dem most times..
We started talking ,apparently he had been sending msgs 2 all d Lara Akinyemis without profile pics on fb cos he had just me in mind since he was a pupil (he had eye for smetin good since childhood and was in love since 199somthing, bad child hahahahaa).. 

The rest is history cos the story is still long oo.. I'm getting married to my longterm boo I dont know ow to say dos romantic tins like u're my cockroach in my cupboard , skelenton in my wardrobe etc 


Source: Alabekee blog

What's your thought on this ?? 


  1. Loool... Sharp guy.. I wish them all the best.. I think i can remember some if my primary sch mates

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  2. Awww, this is cute, I honestly cant remember anyone from my pry sch days o. Wish them all the best

    1. me too,i cant remember anyone from my primary school days,thats how one twins recognise me in class during university days


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