Sunday, 28 August 2016

Yayyyy!!! Glowy Online Shoe Shop is Finally Opened

Hey guys, how are you all doing? It's the last sunday of the month and the last sunday before we enter the "ember" months. What a privileged that we are alive and still full of life.. It's been God all the way and to Him be all the glory.

So my girl Glowy (if you are part of this blog for the past one year, you would know her) yes she is also an amazing blogger.

The name Glowy, is associated with one thing and that is shoes, shoes and more shoes. My goodness this babe is a shoe lover/consultant. If you are having any problems with your shoe choice or where to get durable and affordable shoes, just visit her blog and you would find answers to all your shoe problems.

The good news now is that, she has made shoe shopping much more easier for us. Her online shoe shop has been opened and instock already, are beautiful and affordable shoes. Visit the shop here to know what i am talking about.

Please guys let's support our own. Let's support a young, hardworking Nigerian girl who has defiled the present economic status to create employment and earn a living.

Also hookup with her on her blog and social media accounts below...

Instagram: glowyshoe
Twitter: @glowysofiscated
Facebook page: glowy sofiscated shoes.


  1. Loving those cute shoes! xo, Sophia from

  2. Wow! They are beautiful. Lemmi check Glowy shoes ASAP.

    1. Yes o please check. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Nice. I love your review on Glowyshoes. She is amazing! May I "copy and paste" on my blog too?

  4. Wow! For a moment,I thought it was my own Gloria,lol

  5. Really nice and lovely shoes. Girl power!!!

  6. Nice one! Congrats girl,more sales in Jesus name


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