Monday, 8 August 2016

Monday Inspiration: Note to self (Gloria arise and shine)

Achievement, success, victory are attractive and desirable targets to everyone. There is always a feeling of fulfillment when things turned out as planned or when a good expectation come to pass. Success has a sweet flavor that just attracts people naturally just like ants are attracted to sugar so do success attracts attention.

Achievement, success or whatever we may call it, isn't just a manna that falls from above ; it is a process, a journey, it takes time, sometimes months or even years to come by. On the path to achievement, are rivers to cross, decisions to make, things to give up, battles to fight, and sometimes tears to shed.

Achievement isn't a ready-made material waiting to be picked on the shelves nooo it's a lot of work, alot of dedication, alot of consistency. Some people started out beautifully but crashed out, some others are just afraid to start simply because they lack what it takes "faith". Others confessed failure right from the beginning hence they run away from the opportunities that disguise as insurmountable problems or obstacles.

If you are not an achiever, the world will forget you, your generation shall ignore you, friends may desert you, people may mock you... the list is endless.

My last post on this beautiful corner of mine was on the first of August. You want to know why i didn't post subsequently? NOTHING there's absolutely no reason good enough. No, i didn't attend any convention, yes i do other things (like i have a job and am into beads making, have another blog,) but i have been all this right from the beginning of this blog so why the snail pace? it's simply DISCOURAGEMENT.
Discouragement that things aren't going as planned, discouragement that sacrifices made haven't yielded any result, discouragement about alot of things. I told myself that i am born to reign, to be a light, to be a voice, to be an encouragement to others, to be the hope of the hopeless. and that is my purpose. This realization that i haven't been what God wants me to be got me back on my feet.

The  only antidote to discouragement is the opposite (ENCOURAGEMENT).
On the path to achievement discouragement always come knocking(like it came knocking on my door)  but give it a slap on the face with its direct opposite. It's isn't easy yes!!! But if you love yourself and care about your generation, you will do it.

It's a beautiful Monday morning, the start of a new week with great opportunities. Wake up, stand up, arise and shine because you are the one your generation is waiting for. That idea you have been nursing, NOW is the best time to start.

Have you at anytime be discouraged? How did you overcome? Did you learn a lesson or two from this post? Let's hear from you. Happy new week. I see you all.


  1. Hmmmm this touched me. Thanks for sharing ma.

  2. alot of times we are discouraged especially when you dont see positive results despite our effort


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