Saturday, 27 August 2016

Misconception about a "friend request"

When somebody sends me a friend request on facebook, i don't usually bother myself as far as we both have one or two mutual friends.

Facebook to me, is the most used social media in this era. Mothers, grandma's and even dadies are now on facebook. I have close to 2,000 friends on facebook some i know personally, some through friends and others i don't know from Adam. Amongst these friends, some sent me request and some i sent, some didn't accept my request just like i don't accept some.

Facebook is one platform where i get a lot of feedback/traffic to my blog so when i send and accept a friend request, i do it so that my updates and blog post can be read by a wider audience.

You want to know information you shouldn't reveal on Facebook? read it here 

Now, you can imagine the horror i went through just because i sent a guy a request. Gosh!!! What is it with some guys though??? that an opposite sex sent you a simple request isn't the same thing  as a romantic affair invite pleaseeeeee.

I hate it when i come on facebook and before 5 secs have received messages like "hi beauty", "hello friend", etc i usually ignore such anyways and that's why i have more than 50 unread hellos on there afterall the phone is mine,subscription is my money so i have the right to choose who i chat with.

Ok there is this particular guy who vowed i won’t have peace on facebook just because i sent a sincere request owing to the fact that we both have a lot of mutual friends. Mitcheeeeew no wonder my blogger sister @amakamedia ditched her facebook account (lolz). Even with my profile clearly stating my marital status these desperado still continue to pester me until i use the block button hahahahaha .

See a screen shot of a chat between me and a friend...

Hilarious i guess. So tell me have you guys experienced such with your social media friends? Who has had a similar experience?Happy wet-saturday.


  1. Hahaha Gloria you nailed it. They didn't pay for your sub. Chikena

    1. We all see things differently based on what we know and understand. For the fact that you've stated your marital status, I think that should be enough to inform him. Like you know, some will never learn even though the "A" is as big as a sign board. I think this applies to both sex. What do you think ?

  2. Lol, I have 5,000 Facebook friend and tens of thousands unread messages from guys. Mine is worse oh. Some have even rained insults on me and all. If you send me a message and I check your pic and you look strange, I just ignore you.. I think ignoring them works..

    1. Hahaha was thinking mine is worse. Ignore or better still get them blocked.. Thanks for your contribution.

  3. I ignore a lot, but since u are a blogger u don't need to ooo. these are ur audience. Opinion tho.

    1. Great point raised: looking at things from all sides can be very helpful. It is an ability to use negative stuff to your advantage. However, grace should not be abused for there are limits and boundaries to all things.

  4. Hahahahahaha.. Mine is even worse. I don't even reply Facebook messages anymore


  5. Well,I can say that women are surely being pestered on facebook, especially the beautiful ones. Personally,I don't have time to chat on facebook. I simply give interested friends my phone number to chat on whatsapp, where we can get personal. Facebook is just a social media where many faceless people come to carryout hidden missions.

  6. before i do ignore them but now i reply them i accept friemd request from people i know and i dont know,They have been helping me grow


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