Friday, 12 August 2016

Dear Gloria she insults my mother

Dear Gloria,

It's been awhile since you last posted on this segment hence i ought to have sent my mail long ago.
Before i continue let me use this opportunity to commend you and your readers for the good work you are doing. i am a blogger and i know it isn't easy to build a blog like this.

Being a very shy person, i prefer to remain anonymous. Mine is between me and my girlfriend. I have been with this girl for awhile now and each time we have any misunderstanding, she always insult my mother. I have cautioned her severally but she always hide under the guise of being hot tempered.
I love my mother so much and also love my girl even planned making her my wife but can't stand it when she insults the one who brought me into this world.

The question is do you think she will change if we eventually become man and wife? I am at a crossroad.

From an anonymous blog reader.


Dear anonymous fellow blogger,
I am sorry for not being consistent on the blog in the past few days trust me am putting in my best. Got your mail and read through it bit by bit. You said you are confused about making this person your wife right?

Have you introduced her yet to your mother, does she still have a mother, what's her background like, is she from a polygamous home, is she educated, does she have a mentor, who is her friend, how far have you gone with her, what school of thought does she belong to, what type of teachings does she listen to, what type of books does she read?
Am sure if you can find the answer to this question it will give you a clue of what to do.

Thanks for counting on us and sorry i didn't post this yesterday.

Guys send in your views on this let's help a brother.

I see you all #onelove


  1. Women are unpredictable. She should respect your mum, or stay out. You should tell her to obey your decision and make her see reason, but you can let her go if she doesn't change.

  2. better leave her,why should she insult your other,what insolence!


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