Wednesday, 20 July 2016

What is your definition of true beauty?

I've had all kinds of reactions and compliments (good and confusing ones) since i went for the big chop and decided to go natural for a while and see how versatile and creative i can be with both wigs and natural hair (switch up the looks when i like), 

Joselyn Dumas on her natural hair 

My doctor saw me yesterday and she couldn't make me out  and when she finally did, she walked up to me and said welldone Joselyn this is so beautiful hope you don't go back too soon to a perm or wigs? can't promise was my reply lol...Some say i look different, others said it's taken a couple of years off, a friend said i no longer look glam but the one comment that surprised me the most was "you look poor". What does that even mean? my beautiful black hair makes me look poor?

It's funny how we've been brainwashed to think as women of colour how inferior everything we have make or own is...including or beautiful black thick hair.

In all sincerity i admire women that goes purely natural and so it baffles me when i read the above post by actress Joselyn Dumas that someone actually refer to a natural look as being poor just because she decided to carry an unpermed hair Smh..
Your African curls  and ankara/traditional outfits don't make you look poor or unattractive ( or what ever this generation  calls it ) , but your confidence is where your beauty really lies.

Your carriage, your charisma is what makes up a beautiful woman.
I often wonder when people described beauty based on solely the physical appearance of an individual. Beauty is beyond physical features, it is what you carry in your heart, your manners, your self-confidence, your approach etc.

So what does beauty mean to you?


  1. I sha know beauty is beyond the physical... Anyone that thinks otherwise.. Well...


  2. I think beauty has to do with being your natural self, and be good in your inner part. Personally I love women with their natural self .

  3. I admire women with natural hair because they have courage. Beauty is only skin deep.

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  4. Gbam! Your comment nailed it sweetie!

    Natural hair
    Ankara outfit
    No makeup
    . . . That pretty much describes me.

    When the heart is beautiful, every other thing is secondary.

  5. Beauty is beyond physical features, it is what you carry in your heart, your manners, your self-confidence.
    I love women that are confident

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  6. beauty goes beyond all those artificial attachment and is deep.

  7. i term beauty as someones character and mindset he has, and not the physical appearance.
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  8. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder,abeg, Gloria,lol! Yes o,am back! You know what I told you the other day,lol


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