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Information You Shouldn't Share On Facebook

Facebook is one social media app that needs no introduction and you will agree with me that is a fun place to share and post.
It's a place where we connect with friends/the world, a place where some people have found love.
Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites among youths. As interesting as facebook is, there are dos and don'ts one should abide by if you want to have an interesting ride on there. Some people have made social media sites especially facebook their reality TV by posting everything about their lives for the world to see.

I personally think there are things/issues that shouldn't be posted online. As a person you should have some level of privacy. Especially in this era where security is on the low end in this country. A number of times we have heard of people being victims of all manner of abuses (the unlucky ones even died) via facebook. Most of this atrocities is fueled by the level of information made available by the victims.
I want to list in this post some of the things i think shouldn't be post online..

Your house address/personal phone number. 

This is one of the biggest mistake social media users make. It is a big no no for you as a social media user to display such personal informations out there. Your real friends should know your house and have your personal phone number. The only reason why your number or addresses should be on display is when it is purely business. If you want to give someone your personal phone number, please don't do it in the comments section rather send it as a private message.

Your relationship troubles

It is dangerous to post about fights you’ve had, things that bother you or even more serious news (like you are considering a divorce or separation) on Facebook. While it may be your way of reaching out for support and friendship, it can be very damaging. Your friends are only seeing your side of the story, and most importantly, they miss the make-up story afterwards. They do not get to go through the forgiveness/apology side of the story, and may not understand why you are still with someone who you were so upset with just hours before.

It can also really hurt your significant other when they see what you said about them on social media. Would you want them saying something similar about you? Keep your private life private. We all have flaws, and we make mistakes. But that doesn’t mean our mistakes have to be told to the world via Facebook. Remember, once it is put out there, it cannot be taken back.

Naked baby photos

While naked baby photos can be super innocent and adorable, they are not something that should be shared on Facebook. There are too many people out there with bad intentions, and they can use your photos for not-so-innocent things. If you do put photos of your little ones taking a bath or something else totally cute while naked, there are some stickers you can use to cover up any parts that may be showing. Remember to always use caution when posting these types of photos.

Embarrassing stories about someone else

Don't ever use your friends as an example when sharing embarrassing stories. If you want to share something embarrassing that happened to you, go for it! The more embarrassing, the better. But when it comes to saying something embarrassing about someone else, whether it be your spouse, friends or children, it’s best not to, unless they give you their permission. While it may be a funny story, they may not be comfortable with you sharing it. They may not want the Facebook world to know about their mishap or mistake.

When it comes to posting embarrassing stories about people very close to you, try to seek their permission. It may be funny to you now, but years from now, it may become embarrassing to his/her reputation.

Graphic photos 

Some people think injury photos or that picture of the mold growing on your bread is totally cool. But for others, it is really gross and may cause negative side-effects, like throwing up or even fainting. Sure, it’s your photo and your Facebook account, but photos come up automatically on someone else’s feed, and they may not have the chance to scroll by without seeing it.

Someone else’s news

There are things that people may not want put on Facebook; like the fact that they are pregnant, moving, getting married or other big news. If you want to congratulate someone, send them a private message. Unless they have made a huge announcement, changed their profile picture to reflect their news and made it very clear they are willing to talk about it on social media, do not post about it. It is their news to share, not yours. Who knows — they may not be posting about it for a reason that you do not know about. Respect that.

While these posts may seem innocent, they can really hurt you or someone else. Use caution when posting online — think before you share.

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  1. Wisdom is needed when posting on social media


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  2. But in recent time, the best place to read relationship trouble's update is on facebook. Couple keep running to the social media to share update on their personal lives.

    How are you ma?

    1. Uthman am fine. Nice to have you here it's been awhile.

  3. that graphic photo especially is becoming rampant on facebook,
    i agree with all these points

  4. Wisdom ia profitable to direct.

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  5. Free world on social media but emotions takes a toll on us humans leading to these mistakes. ?

    have you visited my site of late? Please do 4 d changes made

  6. As a social media scientist, permission to add something join am Gloria?
    *Permission Granted*
    Me: Also be careful of your pictures that you shared online most especially with strangers. Some few years ago, a young teenager girl commit suicide because of this mistake. I don't want to compose a new post in the comment secton, would have given a summary of what happened|
    Before i go, yesterday 16th July was my birthday oo so am still collecting gifts

    1. Awwwwh happy birthday boss. May you live to fulfill destiny. Amen.

  7. Wisdom is profitable to direct.

  8. Relationship trouble, yeah you get it right, I once exhibiting the habit but later discover is not helping the matter in anyway. Thank for sharing

  9. Good article, read and learn/practice

  10. All the points are on point!
    The graphic photos could be so depressing.
    Posting a pic of a naked baby is just so wrong.
    How are you doing, Gloria?


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