Monday, 11 July 2016

Monday Devotion: The Woman God Uses

I have heard, seen and read (one)  the book title "The man God uses" i think it's one of christian books with multiple authors. I have seen different versions of that book but yet to see one on "The woman God uses" and i began to wonder why or aren't people seeing the numerous things God is doing through women?

If you think God has stopped using women, then, it's a big lie because God is mightily using me. (winks)

I may not know the bible back to back but i have read of the woman called Esther and how God used her to deliver her people.
On this post i will speak based on my personal relationship with God and list out how a woman can be used by God.

(1) Availability.

The woman God will use, is a woman that is available and willing. God does not have time for those who have no time for HIM. A woman that God can use must first make herself available in the affairs(vineyard) of God. As a woman, girl  what service are you rendering to God?

If God must be your Master then, you should be his servant first. How is your personal relationship with God like?  Are you too carried away with marital or personal duties that you don't have a personal relationship with your creator? No time to study, no time to meditate? Woman of God, your master is at the door but will only come in if you open the door for him.

(2) Bridle your tongue 

God talks all the time but HE is not a talkative (one who talks anyhow) and as such do not deal with one. Every woman that desire to be a vessel in the hands of God must learn to bridle her tongue. Stop all these unnecessary gossip it's not godly. Even in an educative conversation, know when to draw the line. Know when to talk and what to talk about. Don't be one that can be described as a gossip.

(3) Listen to the voice of God. 

God is willing to talk but only if we are willing to listen. Trust me concerning that challenge you encountered, God spoke but you didn't listen. Women especially, are too carried away with activities (not entirely their fault though) hence it is difficult for them to know when God is speaking. I assume that every woman whose desire is to be a vessel in the hands of God, is already a born again child of God so already have the gift of the Holy Spirit in her. However i will recommend "How to listen to the spirit of God" by Kenneth Hagin for every believer. For God to use you, you must have a fellowship with him.

(4) Be humble. 

God resisted the proud but gives grace to the humble. I think that scripture says it all.

(5) Be obedient. 

Be ready to obey the voice of God. Many women are prayer warriors (knows how to pray) but not many know how to obey when God gives them an instruction.

Let's see this scenario: 

As a human you won't be comfortable sending someone whom you know is always disobedient to you an errand, rather, you would make use of the person who is willing to do your biddings.

God has given so many women divine assignment but many are unwillingly to carry out such either because of the spirit of fear or some other reasons.

God can use a woman (and HE is seriously using women) who is available, willing, humble and obedient.

Be that woman today and let your name be written among the already long list of women God is using.



  1. Our posts are somewhat similar today. Thanks. I needed this. 1,3,5 are very important to me.

    I want to be one of these women.

  2. This is really inspiring, and I make myself available to be used by God
    Alabekee's Blog

  3. God make a vessel of honour to be use in your house oh lord


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