Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Man's Conscience

Conscience according to world book dictionary, is the sense of right and wrong; Ideas and feelings within a person that tell him when he is doing right and warn him of what is wrong.

Every man on earth, is created with a conscience and this conscience is the warehouse of God's principles. It is on it that the regulatory power to decide over good or bad is placed. No man walks without his functioning conscience. As far as a man’s spirit lives, his conscience lives as well.

Unfortunately, alot of people have rendered their conscience useless by constantly corrupting it with negative devilish thoughts that is not of God.

Anybody who does a wrong thing yet claims he is right even when everyone else sees it as wrong and even his conscience tells him he is wrong, is a pretender who is only deceiving himself and will not go far in destiny.

My emphasis here is that no man does a wrong thing without knowing that what he has done is wrong except the person is trying to pretend (like i said before) or he is dead to his conscience, or decide to ignore the voice of his good conscience.

 Most times when such a person is through with his wrong, he is usually troubled by his conscience. Sometimes you noticed the restlessness of the individual because a conscience is the internal judge which is created in man by God.

A man can be in bondage when he's in disagreement with his conscience. It is often said that conscience is an open wound which is only the truth can heal.

Do you allow your conscience mislead you? Do you pretend not to hear the good voice of your conscience? You can set yourself free by listening to your conscience which is your best judge.

Shallom and have a fantabulous day


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