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How to spot a shoe shinner

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A "shoe shinner"  in this context means an "unserious man" who is out only for the pleasure he can drive from his innocent victims.

A shoe shinner can be a male or female but for very obvious reasons (being that female are always victims) am going to shift attention to the male folks.
Here are the ways i think these shoes shinners can be identified..

(1) When he is only interested in your phone number.  

Okay don't get me wrong. The phone number exchange is the first step in getting acquainted these days right?  Where my concern is, is when even after three months (12weeks) dude has still not shown interest in getting to know where you live and he stays in same town with you. This can be given a second thought if the person involved is not in the same town/state with you or extremely busy. If however none of these is the case, my sister begin to think twice o because you may probably be dating a shoe shinner.

(2)  He is always "dirty" on the phone. 

Shoe shinners don't care about your feelings or well being, all they care about is how to satisfy their ungodly sexual appetite. When he is all about sending you adult photos /videos, always insisting on phone sex, always demanding for your nudes and get furious when you refused sending, just know that you are stuck with a shoe shinner and help yourself by retracing your steps.

(3) When he always dodge (escape, avoid) the topic centered on commitment. 

Each time you try to raise the issue of commitment or the way forward for your relationship, he tries to avoid it or get unnecessary angry then you need no soothsayer to tell you that your bobo is a real shoe shinner.

(4) He always demands money from you.

Many ladies have fallen for this cheap blackmail. Please stop giving your hard earned money to one lazy man who has deliberately refused to hussle (work).  Spending in a relationship is a risk, spending in an undefined relationship is a greater risk. Giving him money will not change his mind to be committed to you. Shoe shinners have programmed their minds in a particular way that when the money stop coming, they switch to the next available victim. Run for your life shoe shinners have no conscience.

(5) When he wants sex from you.  

Have you ever met a guy that demands sex from you almost on the first date?, a guy that says sex is a sign of your love for him?, that says he doesn't matter even if you lay with him just once? Then you are face to face with a shoe shinner. Note he has more tricks he uses to catch his victim.

As a child is God, sex before marriage is a sin(Heb 13:4). Do not abuse God's temple (your body). That it is widely accepted and becoming a norm doesn't make it right. There is no right way of doing the wrong thing.

My response when people tell me but Mrs A, B or C did it and they are okay....
(1)you aren't that person and

(2) if you pierce a well-blown balloon with a tiny needle doesn't if deflate immediately?..the answer is no it takes some time to deflate.

 If a guy that is coming around you has three of these (mentioned above) traits please flee he is a principal shoe shinner.

Thanks for reading and please don't forget to share and recommend this blog to your friends this post might just be what will save someone from making a terrible mistake.

Do you have more hints? Lets connect in the comment section.

Love you all..


  1. Nice tips for our young girls out there.

    1. Lmao @ the topic

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  2. Interesting, informative and educative. Thanks for sharing, Glo
    Alabekee's Blog

  3. Boys that collect money from women... Jeez!!! That one is jus digusting abeg


  4. Lol. She shiners? I have just learnt a new one.

    Any Guy who is afraid to commit is a called shoe shiner. Laughing away with that. . .

  5. Nice tips....thanks for sharing

  6. shoe shiner thats shoe maker,lmao kikikiki


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