Thursday, 2 June 2016

The spirit of true love


The pretty lady in this photo goes by the name Abena and she is a nurse. According to her she met her Prince(the guy's real name) at the hospital where she was working as a nurse in Ghana.

Their pre-wedding photos have been trending on the internet for the past few days and adults usual, i have read so many comments concerning these people. Some nice and others nasty. 

My question is: why are people so critical? No wonder marriages are filled with so much confrontations these days because people now live for the society rather than living for themselves. 

The  desire to please society has eaten so deeply into the hearts of many people who without knowing lost their individuality. The cosmetic company is thriving today with all manner of slimming drugs, breasts /butt enhancements pills, lightning pills etc just because someone failed to appreciate its own uniqueness. 

Personally  i see nothing wrong in the size of this woman as real beauty is not in size but in the heart. Special s/o to her brave prince and all other men out there who accept a woman/person for who they really are. 

Go girl... I wish you guys a blissful home. 

See more of their photos below...








Photo source : Facebook 


  1. True love doesn't look at what people would say or do. Congratulations to them  

  2. The guy deserves kudos. Men who are proud of their woman no matter what society says.

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  3. Some like them thin while some like them fat.
    gosh the bae fat no be small

  4. Congrats to them
    the lady is fat ooo


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