Sunday, 19 June 2016

From me to you...

OMG i can't believe it's eight days since i last posted anything here(some days are not just for blogging joor). How has time rolled soooo fast? How are you guys doing? Those that went to church, how was service today and for our muslim brothers that are fasting, how is the azumi?
Btw happy father’s day to all fathers in the house may God continue to protect and bless you.

SSO to Topmost blog, Lexance, Uthman, Amaka(welcome back), Bmf, glowy, irenebernards, Miriam, Mimi and a host of others... Want to say your support has kept me going and am not taking that for granted. Love you guys.
Cheers to a better week.


  1. Ehn ehn Gloria u noh shout out to me Bet u enjoyed d weekend n all set to embrace d new week. Do have a blissful week ahead..Lenovo show off all new bendable Smartphones and Tablets

  2. Aha. Thanks for the shout out sweet Glo. Missing you ooo.

    Well, you're right about "some days are not for blogging". But don't take too many days off.

    Happy new week sweetie! Love you. 💋

  3. Nice to read something fresh from you Gloria!
    Like Amaka said, don't take too many days off.
    Have a great week ahead!

  4. Happy new week, welcome back

  5. My dear i so agree with you on some days are not for blogging..buh when you face such days, you just have to brace up and blog

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