Thursday, 2 June 2016

Are you a Mediocre???

This is one-middle-of-the-road mentality. No clear cut accomplished success, neither is he an obvious failure. This is a mindset that says "I am okay", "I have tried "," I am as good as many others ".  Mediocrity is a major problem because it gives an impression that" i have started the journey, but i can rest halfway or an impression of being better than the lazy man.

Many simply stop at this point and hit their chest in auto-praise.

Mediocrity means average or moderate status quo. The mediocre is not really bad, but he is not actually good. He is not worse off, but certainly not better off. He is just there.
A mediocre just does enough to get by. He never goes the extra mile. When things are not in order, a mediocre will say "Its not my job", "someone else will do it "," Its not my fault " or" it doesn't matter".  Things are scattered and poorly done but a mediocre will dodge the work for that "someone".
Mediocre rises without dressing the bed or sweeping the floor. They see cobwebs or broken bottles or even dusty seats but prefer to leave it for that "someone" to do the work/job they could easily have done.

Beloved, a mediocre may be accepted on earth but it lacks the accolades and encomiums of heaven. It is a status quo calling for change.

"Arise ye and depart for this is not your rest: because it is polluted. It shall destroy you with a sore destruction "(Micah 2:10)

Fact about a mediocre 

Mediocrity is a choice 

A mediocre is easily forgotten 

They hate to be stretched

They are not goal getters 

They are often men-pleasers 

So choose ye this day what you are (or will be) a mediocre or an excellent person.

I see you all. Much love.

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1 comment:

  1. So often a time, we are mediocres without even knowing it, we just settle; standard or not, better or not...
    This day, I say no to mediocrity. The awakening starts from the mind.
    Thanks for sharing.


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