Wednesday, 11 May 2016

The testimonies of yesterday are not enough

You have a past. It is gone. You cannot go back in time to relive it or change anything in it.

The word PAST means whatever that is holding you down, "pack it aside and stand - tall" . Don't let whatever you have been through to hold you down.
You also have a future. God is the creator of time and future. You have an enviable and glorious future. You have never lived in it before but it is important that you prepare for it.

You stand in the middle of both past and future that is the now.

Today is a seed in your hand, another chance or opportunity to make it right. Since God is unchanging and constant, then what you do or do not do will determine or design your future. Detach yourself from your past and get connected to your future. 

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How to save your future:

*pray for it regularly, stating your desires(Mk 11:23-24,Act10:1-4) 

*Be totally committed to God regardless
of your circumstances. (Job 13:15)

*Enquire about your future in prayer and prepares for it. (Jer 33:3,PS 32:8)

*Sow righteousness, goodness and mercy today, your future will reap it. (Gal 6:7,Hosea 10:12)

*Do not live in the past.... It will bring you to your grave. 

*Don't live in worries. It is a confusionist (Mt 6:25-33)

What you do daily becomes your HARVEST TOMORROW. How you manage your time, determines your life.
To be relevant in future, acquire Up-to-date, new skills and knowledge related to your career or vacation.

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There's a master-plan from God about your life. God's master plan includes the salvation of your soul. You have a destiny in God - a glorious and enviable destiny. You are to grow into that divine plan. The testimonies of yesterday are not enough. Your future begins today. (Jer 29:11,Eph 1:11).

Every man needs vision to become fulfilled in life. The achieving of your vision brings fulfillment. Without vision, there will be no growth. Lack of vision results in stagnancy. Vision is supernatural insight and foresight into God's plan for you.

How to step into your future. 

*Discover what you are born to be and do.

*Let the word of God be the foundation of your life. 

*Forget the past. Holding on to the past may rob you of your future. 

*Ask for the help of the Holy Spirit (Rom 8:26-28).

Thanks for reading, i see you alllllllll...
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  1. Wow... rightly written!!! my future is bright and the past can't hold it. Thanks dear for the reminder you saw right through me

  2. Well said, Forget the past and focus on the future

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  4. May God help us all

  5. Thanks for sharing this.

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