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Ten things to discuss before marriage - blog visitor

Getting married is not something that should be decided on a whim without proper knowledge of what your partner expects from your eternal vows.

Before you even consider talking about marriage you already know at least half
about your partner thanks to all those long nights but what about the other half? Most couples never talk about the important things until it’s too late for them and agree to a vow for being together forever that doesn’t last forever.

Needless to say there are a lot of complicated things you need to talk to your partner about before you make the big plunge, they aren’t necessarily going to be all great but to ensure a life of happiness together it’s something that must be done.

Here are some things to discuss before marriage to ensure that you and your partner expect same things if not then to see if you can compromise:


Probably the most important things to discuss before marriage are children. Needless to say when one thinks of a family he envisions a loving husband and wife surrounded by 2 or more children. Before deciding to get married it’s crucial to know if your partner shares the same view as you when it comes to children. If you consider to change your partners mind on the topic after you are already married or if you think you can force them to go through with it, it’s guaranteed that the marriage will fall apart sooner than later.

Money & Savings

Another essential thing to discuss before marriage is the matter of money and savings. Marriage is a beautiful life time bond that isn’t made for a specific demographic be it rich or poor anyone can get married with a bit of luck. But the concept of money plays a vital role if you intend to lead a happy life, it’s true that too much money can cause quite some trouble but the opposite also holds true. If you decide to get married with no money or anything in your savings account not only will you burden your wife but also the children you might have someday.


People today get married in different countries and cities though it is a sign of equality and love but it also one of those things to discuss before marriage. When people get married they have hopes of living near the ocean or in a major city or thinking you will move to their town or even country. Needless to say someone has to move most of the time but it necessarily doesn’t have to be you. Sit down have a long talk about how to deal with the issue it is bound to help.

Religion Matters

One of the important things to discuss before marriage is religion. In recent times religion has become a rather touchy subject. When you get married your partner might be thinking you will change your religion to their beliefs or that the children will follow their religion, you need to decide on this before the marriage.


You are going to live with someone for the rest of your life, in the same home, sharing all your secrets, seeing each other at their best and worst so one of the things to discuss before marriage is your trust in each other.

 Don’t Neglect Family Matters

Has your partner met your family? Did they like them? When you are marrying someone you are not just marrying the individual but are forming a relationship with their entire family to whom you now share the same obligations and responsibilities as your partner.

Child Upbringing

Alright you decided you want children and that’s great but did you decide how you will be bringing them up, this is another one of those things to discuss before marriage. Do you think your partner will be a good role model? What kind of neighborhood will best suit your child? Who will look after the child? Will someone be an in-home or will both of you work? Go ahead have a long talk because children are worth it.


Marriage means that you can only have s£x with the same person for the rest of your life and an exception is not acceptable. Many couples have a great night life before the marriage but after the marriage their drive dies down but there are also those for whom the drive increases after the marriage. If you think that you can’t make a commitment to only love one person enough in the world to only make love to them then you are better off waiting.


We all have some goals in life that we hope to accomplish but with marriage you just have to let something’s go or if you think you can manage being a great parent and partner while striving to try to achieve your goals in life. Talk with your partner, let them know where you stand on this and hopefully they will understand.

Role Expectations

One of the very important things to discuss before marriage is the role expectations. Your partner might assume that you will be in-home the entire time while they earn the bread and butter for the house the opposite can also be expected. Decide where you stand before your vows or it can come back to haunt you really quick.


  1. This are very crucial points that the intending couple need to really understand..

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  2. Very true.

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  3. This post is gold! I love every points (especially the sex part. LOL)

    Miss being here. Hi fam!

    1. Awwwwh Amaka miss you loads even mentioned in my post today when i haven't seen your comments even. Please update your page.

  4. lot of things i didnt even discuss before my wedding...But God always take charge.hehehheheh

    He gat my back


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