Thursday, 19 May 2016

See how pride ruined a beautiful union


I am writing to you in order to make someone understand that it's good to appreciate our partners despite their flaws.

I am 32 years old. My ex hubby and i dated for six years. We where best of friends, I waited until he completed college and started work, my family and his family then met, we got married and had a son. (7 years old now).
My husband was short tempered at times, but our problems started when i wanted to make him feel he couldn't control me.

Every time we argued, i would pack my bags, go to my family and explain. My sisters would phone my husband and shout at him. If he was controlling me i would always dare him that if he wished, he could divorce me. I never wanted divorce, i just had pride and i never wanted to look
like a loose woman in his eyes. One day i pushed him so hard that for the first time he beat me and locked me outside.

I went to my family, my family took him to the police, every time i looked like i was being abused! But to be honest, i used to abuse my husband emotionally. He was
arrested and detained.
I was asked by his family to withdraw the case, I felt that what i was doing was wrong.

My husband was never a violent man, he did what he did because i pushed him to the wall of which he openly knelt down and apologized. I withdrew the charge, and we
reconciled. After three months, i packed my bags after a small issue, and he remained alone.

After two days i received a call that he was in the hospital, my family told me that i shouldn't go there because it would look like i was begging him, and my sisters believed he was feigning the illness. All this time, people felt sorry for me like i was the
one being abused. He spent a week in the hospital, after he came out, i just received a divorce summon.

I wanted to say no to divorce, but because I felt this pride, i wanted him to change his mind and beg me. I called him and said he
would get the divorce because i lived like i  was in hell. When we went to court, I wanted to make him pay, so i told the
court that i needed his properties to be shared. To my surprise he openly told the court that whatever he and i acquired together should be given to me, all he wanted was divorce.

We were divorced in 2009 July. Now, this Saturday (today) my husband is marrying, whilst like am here wasted! My family members are gossiping about me, i depend on what my ex gives to my son for survival. I know i wasted my marriage. I am here telling all wives that they should be
careful how they get advise.

Don't be cheated, don't entertain family interference in your marriage my dear reader. Even my young sisters are much
more respected than me. Those who encouraged me to get divorced are always teasing and bad mouthing me. Please ladies be vigilant in your marriage.

Admin: I copied this letter from a face group page and thought it wise to share ofcourse with permission.
The bottom line here is never allow your family or any third party interfere in your home. She humiliated the husband before her family and see where it landed her.


  1. Theres a saying "Pride goes before a fall". Black people are always very proud especially the ladies & sometimes the rich guys. Well, na them sabi.
    Mama nice work here. Its been a while....missed you!

    i Look Dope With Chris Konor

  2. You are right Gloria, don't allow third party to interfere in your home

  3. This woman's journal goes a long way to show how destructive pride can be especially in marriage. It pays to be humble. It pays to let go even when you think you are right.
    I pray more couples will learn from this and be HUMBLE and SELFLESS in their relationships.
    Thanks for sharing, Gloria.

    Precious Blog

  4. I don't even know what to say. Apart from price, wrong counsel. U need to be wise on your own as a woman and know the counsel to take.

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  5. HMM . . . He who hath ears let him hear.

    A word is enough for the wise *walks out slowly*

  6. This is not funny. Nothing to gain with pride that regret.

  7. True talk,sge taht has ears let her hear


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