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Home generators;Which and where to buy (


Don’t be surprised, when the lights go down. There is a good way to stay tuned.
Generator is a device used in an external circuit. It converts mechanical energy to electrical. Generator is a perfect solution to get a backup energy source. When power goes down, it keeps an entire house warm (or cool), and you can still be occupied with routine tasks – cooking, working on your computer, watching TV and so on. So if you don’t want to be dependent on blackouts, think about buying a generator for your home.

Types of generators

There are two types of generators, used at home – portable and standby generators. Besides being different in price, generators have several difficulties.

Portable generators are gas powered. After lights go out, you plug it into appliances you want to work with or a sub panel. These appliances can be placed in a yard, which is pretty convenient, and are less expensive solution. But remember about your safety. Don’t put a generator under a shed, inside garage or house; keep it away from doors and windows. Otherwise, it can result in a carbon monoxide poisoning. This is much more dangerous than problems with electricity, which cause just inconvenience.  
Standby generators, on the contrary, don’t need to be turned on – they start working automatically. These devices are powered by gas or propane. You don’t have to do anything to make them work. In addition, they are powerful enough to run an air conditioner and several kitchen appliances simultaneously for a while. The price, consequently, will be higher. But remember that you may need a special order if you want to get this type of generator larger in size.

Power needs

Depending on what needs you are buying a generator for, you can choose a generator with different power, which, consequently, will determine the size of an appliance.
For this, you need to take a tour around the house and make a list of all devices and appliances you want to power during an outage. Each of them has a label with all necessary information, including wattage. If you cannot find this number, conduct some search on the Internet. Type a number of the model and get information about all specifications.
But be reasonable while doing this. You should include refrigerators and freezers, maybe a pump. But you don’t have to plug in an oven – you can use microwave instead. The same with air conditioners – they require too much power, but you can actually spend some time without it.
Standby generators can run for a long, while portable ones usually work for only for several hours, so sometimes, when electricity goes off for a long time, you’ll need to get up in the middle of the night to add some fuel. Pay attention to this fact before buying, too.

Where to buy

Generators on Jiji are quite pricey. Surely, you want to be certain that you will get a worthy appliance. That’s why we recommend buying it on This is the biggest Nigerian classifieds website with hundreds of thousands of items offered for sale. You can open Home and Garden category and find it there, or just type what you are looking for in a search line. Buying stuff on Jiji guarantees a lot of advantages. Firstly, it is convenient. You can order everything online without even going anywhere. Secondly, you still deal with real people and get an opportunity to communicate with them directly. Thirdly, the selection of generators is quite wide; besides, both new and used models are available. Finally, prices here are lower than in any other place. Take care of your comfort with


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  4. This article helped me understand what my needs are for a generator for our home. I'll be looking for a generator that has the power and fuel performance I need and also a control panel I can understand. Thanks for the tips.


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