Thursday, 5 May 2016

Dear Gloria My in-laws are not cooperative

Dear Gloria,

Please i need your readers honest opinion on this matter. My name is Stacy (not real name) and this is our 2ND year in matrimony.
All thanks to God for HE reigns supreme in our home.

My hubby is a supportive and understanding man,but the issue I have is the in-laws syndrome.

During our marriage preparation they left everything for my husband to do not even a helping hand. It's been two years after our wedding and we are yet to welcome our bundle of joy,we have tried medical and spiritual means but it seems none is working, infact my parents have been so supportive sending us herbs, prayer points and also calling us to reassure of God's promises to us,but my in-laws for where they don't call me neither do they send anything to us as per fertility drugs and their son is not getting any younger.the only thing they are bothered about is that I should settle the fight between hubby and his sisters,like seriously is it my business to settle.
I stopped calling since that's the only thing they are interested in.

Fast forward to February i did an IVF procedure though it failed ,It was an emotional rollercoaster, i didn't even call anyone i was just in my world,do you know during my IVF procedure,my mother-in-law reported me to my dad,that i don't call, i don't relate with my husband family that i  do me and my husband.
I was mad when my dad told me cos that's not what i wanted to hear at that period in my life.

Now my Dad and hubby said i should call my mother-in-law ,but i  don't feel like calling because i am tired of she accusing me falsely.

Ooh did i mention she said if she tells me to call her i will say i  don't have card why will i say that?
All these and many more don't allow me to call her and those sisters are not good to us,they don't care, i see no reason to call anybody.
I am a kinda person who hardly call,even hubby can testify to that.
Though hubby has been supporting me in my absence.
Now the Main ish is that i should  go ahead and call mother-in-law?(anytime i call her she always sound cold,which i don't like)

So what would you advise. Should i or should i not call her?

Okay i received this mail some days ago. I am so sorry for your failed IVF God of heaven will give you a permanent testimony soon. 
Dear Stacy my stand is with your husband and father. You are now married and as such you should be able to adjust to different characters your in-laws maybe exhibiting and submit by obeying your husband and call her. Thank God your husband is supportive not many are this lucky but whatever it is those are still his blood. 
It's not always a good omen when most of your in-laws see you as not caring about them so please call your mother in-law and pretend like you care and you will see how easily you will win her heart. I wish you the best in your home. 


  1. Please call your mother-in-law ASAP. God will bless you soon.

  2. all these inlaws matter sef...may God help us

  3. My dear, please for peace go reign, call her and don't bother much about her coldness. You know that's how she is so don't let it bother you much. Just do your own for God and your marriage. All the best.

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  4. Mother in-law wahala. Please be calling her so that peace can reign.

  5. Wisdom is profitable to direct... God bless you

  6. Call her for peace to reign, don't bother about her coldness. I pray God gives you a bundle of joy. Amen

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  7. Please call her like others have suggested.


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