Thursday, 26 May 2016

Can i marry my nephew? A blog reader ask

Hello guys it's another Thursday and guess what? Today we are all going to be co-counselors in advising a blog reader.
Things are happening in these last days and most people either do not want to get help or do not know the right place or people to seek help from.
Below is a mail i got from a blog visitor:

Dear blog admim,

Please conceal my identity. I am going to be very brief and straight to the point.
I am 30 years old and have been very unlucky in relationships. It's either they openly dumped me, or deliberately avoid me after awhile. Hence i gave up on relationships long ago and kept to myself.
I am from a family of 8 (5 girls & 3boys) with me in the number 7th position.

The issue now is that i am in a love relationship with my elder sister's son (nephew) who is a year my junior we both love each other he treats me well and better than any relationship i have ever been into. I believe it is God's own way of wiping away my tears. Do you think my family will agree for us to get married? I am so confused don't want this joy in my heart to disappear if i lose this relationship.
Please let your readers air their views.



My dear first and foremost you need Jesus in your life. 
You are playing with your destiny and the the destiny of your nephew who probably got involved with you by pity or lust. 
Please end the relationship fast. Confide in a genuine man of God and see how this already incurred curses can be broken. Please flee from this evil that you are involved in. It is wrong in the sight of God and the society. Get my number and call me let's talk. 
You can find love again if only you have enough love for yourself. God loves you more than you know. 

Please comment and share you never can tell who this will help. Remember a candle loses nothing of its light by lighting another candle 


  1. Haaaaaaaa...Islamically. Cousins can marry each other but not aunty and nephew, uncle and niece or brother and sister.

    This you are experiencing may not be love...just normal infatuation when you got used to the opposite sex so much. As i always say, too much ATTENTION leads to AFFECTION.

    All the best Ma

  2. My dear, you really need Jesus. He is the only one who can fill that void you seem to be feeling. What you feel for your nephew and him for you is not love, it's pure adulterated lust or just a desperation to hold onto something cause u feel lost. If you love that boy, you would leave him alone. Love is not impure and it's definitely not selfish. Go to God please, He will help you and heal you. You are probably so sad, your brain is confusing this for love. Be truthful to yourself, this is all shades of wrong and call Gloria, u really need someone to talk to you one on one.

    That being said, Chapter 6 of wrong but right is out. If you are still not following, what exactly are you waiting for?


    The manuscript – chapter 2

    Shantel stepped down from the plane at Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos and took in her environment. Everything seemed to be exactly as she left it, she couldn’t single out any obvious change. But then again. Continue here:

  3. Biko nwannem, resist the devil. It's not love at all its lust. I agree with Gloria follow her advice.

    visit miimi's diary  

    visit miimi's diary  

  4. choi!Abeg she dey drink Harddrug?how will you fall in loveiwth your nephew? Taaah! do you need any advise again,nawa oo

    shame no dey wear you?na by force to be in a relationship?borrow a leave from aunty LInda


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