Wednesday, 4 May 2016

A blog reader wants to know the meaning of her dream

Good day Gloria, please i want your blog readers to help me interpret this dream if they can.
I dreamt few days ago and saw my sister in a red dress leading a group of people and asking me to pray for her.
I have been very disturbed and of course i have been praying for her.
95% of my dreams are usually deep revelation from God that waste no time manifesting.

Why i am more disturbed is that this sister of mine has (and still) believing God for the fruit of the womb and has been sounding desperate even though she is a strong believer of the gospel. I understand her desperation because she is close to 40.

I know red signifies danger. Could it be that she has involved herself in fetish things or following people that will lead her astray? I am worried because i love her very much and wouldn't want anything bad to happen to her and her marriage as we are all praying and hopeful that God will remember her.
Please i need clarification concerning the dream and advice concerning her situation.

So i got this mail from a worried reader. I really don't know much about dreams interpretation so am stepping aside and let you guys help out. Thanks for staying with me even when i seem so unstable lolzzzzz. Happy Wednesday. 


  1. as the dream stipulates,pray for her....

  2. I don't know o... Just keep praying for her.. Tear down every argument and cast down every Stronghold.. Bring her and her home under the covering of the blood.. Jus allow the Holy Spirit lead you.


  3. Pray for your sister as the spirit leds

  4. For there is nothing hidden that will not be made manifest.

    For it's written "if any man lack wisdom let him ask"
    And the scripture goes further "ask and it shall be given unto you"

    The HOLY SPIRIT is the greatest teacher ask from Him now the meaning and the solution there in.


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