Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Do all men really cheat?

By now, i know most of you will be surprised seeing some kind of post on here. But come on am just trying to incorporate some segments of my blog description into the blog.

Yes there is an aspect called "trendy gist" and whatever gist that catches my fancy henceforth, will be brought on here.

Hehehe we are going to be one in a few days time so spicing things up a little isn't out of place is it?

Nollywood actress turned producer Caroline Danjuma,  yesterday, took to her Instagram page to talk about her husband and marriage. Don't know if they are having crisis and seriously it's not my business but what caught my attention was a line in her writeup that says."..... I for one knew that all men cheat" and that's where my concern is.

Read her post below....

"Now I am going to address this one time and that is it.... I got married to a man who was legally divorced for 4 years (fact).. I didn't know who is family was as I wasn't that sort of girl that read the news paper 🙈. Age was nothing but a number to me and yes I truly was in luv ( it was my choice) .  Ever since I got married it has been one story or the other and I have been extremely quiet and tolerant irrespective of the negative reputation it brought to my name ( the price I had to pay). I never expected a perfect man and I for one knew that all men cheat ( in the real world) but there are limits to everything . I took a lot because I believe when you truly luv someone you should luv their flaws first before their beautiful side. I truly luv my husband , he added so much value to my life . Nothing in life comes easy sometimes we go through fire and storms to mould us into what God has truly destined us to be. One would think I lost a lot but no I gained more, marriage they say is the best institution of life and certainly I could rate mine as Harvard of marriage.. Every single storm I went through only made me see a strength in me I never new I had. It thought  me to forgive before being hurt, to luv unconditionally, to accept one's flaws knowing I ain't perfect either , to be patient, hardworking , prudent and extremely prayerful ... It certainly made me see the beautiful side of me and made me work on my bad sides. Marriage is not about changing the other it's about finding urself and working on your own flaws. Only once have I confronted a mistress and this is because she sent people to treathen me and kept calling my phone late at night telling me to stay away from my own husband 😏. Well I have fought a good fight to sustain my home and I know I gave it my best shot .. Even though it is not in my nature to give up but sometimes you just have to let go and pray for the best.  Everyone in life is fighting a demon some are lucky enough to have the grace to resist it. This is my family and I will never condemn him .. While you throw stones at him and call him names mk sure you have no skeletons in ur cupboard. No one has the right to judge."

I am not one to talk about other people's marriages or how they run their homes but i guess she wanted it to be a social media debate hence she put it up for the world to see.

My take is that celebrities should learn to keep their private lives private irrespective of what happened. You owe just 3 persons explanation your God, yourself and your kids chikena.
Now back to why i brought this up. She stated in her post that all men cheat( .
The question is do all men really cheat?

Who have any idea/experience to share??


  1. Am here to read comments. But Men sef must they cheat. Chai

  2. Am here to read comments. But Men sef must they cheat. Chai

  3. Glo has said it all. The days are evil, let the married learn to keep their marriages out of social media. a word is enough for the wise. btw, not all men cheat.

    Alabekee's Blog

  4. To some people, social media is part of their lives. They can't cope without sharing their top secret on it.

  5. well...i am yet to conclude on the motion that all men cheat.experience they say is vital,so no experience yet

  6. Any issues concerning marriage should be between those that are involved. I hate it when people talk about their privacy in public.

  7. Yoruba says *one man's food is another man's poison*. Not all men cheats but am just not sure about their ratio

  8. Not ALL men cheat. It is not good to generalise issue.

  9. I don't believe all men cheat. I strongly believe we still have disciplined men, the devil couldn't have succeeded with everybody.

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