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Dear Gloria i don't understand his sudden hatred for white wedding

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Dear Gloria,
I hope this mail meet you in good health? I am an ardent reader and a great fan of your blog though most times i comment as an anonymous.
I am sending this mail hoping to get a clearer picture of the dilemma i found myself in.

I am in a relationship for the past four years and we are now planning to get married.
The issue now is that my fiance who had over the time confessed how he loved white wedding and how he can't wait to see me in my wedding gown, has all of a sudden changed his mind and said it's only the traditional wedding we will have.
I try to make him tell me why the sudden change of mind/plans but he hasn't been able to come up with any tangible explanation.

His love and altitude hasn't changed towards me and that is the more reason am confused. No, it's not even the money we have had that sorted out a long time ago. I am really confused here. Please published my mail ASAP.
Love you always.

My opinion. 

Thanks for trusting my blog with an issue as sensitive as this and i do hope you get the answers you seek. 
Like you said you have tried talking with him but he isn't giving you any cogent reason. Well, my dear, there's no smoke without fire. Something is definitely wrong somewhere i think you should try to read in between the lines am sure there are some hint that will help you unravel this puzzle. 
Someone that was once crazy about a white wedding can't all of a sudden changed his mind without any explanation. 

Wish you the best of luck 


  1. Assess yourself very well, I think somewhere something is wrong.

  2. Strange indeed.... We ladies should always pay attention to details... It might be something you said that put him off...

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  3. Yea,something is obviously wrong somewhere. Take your time and study him.

  4. My sister, pause. Please pause.Something is wrong somewhere, sort it out first before you proceed.


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  5. Maybe the guy has financial issues or he has a debt to settle, something is wrong, just watch him closely and pray for him.

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    miimi's diary  

  6. White wedding, black or blue. Whatever the case may be. The sole aim of arranging a wedding ceremony is for the two families to meet and consent the union.

    If he chooses not to go white, then let him be. And if I may ask, why must you have a white wedding?

  7. what is white wedding? people confuse white wedding to church or wearing wedding dress,please explain further is it tat he doesnt wanna go to the registry? is he a muslim?your question is incomplete


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