Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Is your team strong enough???

I agree!!! I really like this quote above from Mother Theresa because it speaks volumes!

I particularly like it because it also applies in our day to day activities.
A lot of people struggle endlessly without success not because they aren't smart, neither are they unqualified, but because they fail to build a strong team.

A team in this context means group of persons (friends, colleagues, church members, whoever you associate with) coming together in agreement to achieve a common goal.

I really don't understand what the frame "friends with benefits" means but i all i see is people working together to achieve a goal. There's nobody that does not have a friend. Each and everyone of us have somebody we relate with, chat with some even confide in their friends.
You will agree with me that some of these associate can mar or make. Whether we like it or not most people are easily influenced by friends either positively or negatively. Now, if you found yourself in the midst of wrong people, it will take only the grace of God for you not to end up like them and that brings us to the question again is your team strong enough? 

Friendship, relationships, marriages is all about making up for the weaknesses of the other person but because most don’t understand this, they get irritated and frustrated by the imperfections of their others around them.

I know there are areas in my life where I particularly rely on my friend/husband for major support because they happen to be his strong points and he does the same with me. That is what makes a strong team. There is no team on the earth that has players who are the best in every position possible. On every team, there are better goal keepers, better scorers, better point guards, better forwards, and the list goes on and on. However, to achieve something great, each one must come together and fill in where they are needed to get their team to victory. The same should be applicable in friendship/relationship.

How to know if you are in the wrong team.

(1) They don't believe in your vision nor encourage it.

(2) They are never there when you need them.

(3) They don't rebuke you when they see you going astray.

(4) They are not interested in your growth.

(5) They are never excited when you are happy and making progress.

(6) They have never complimented your efforts.

Please if you notice the above in people around you, kindly click the unfollow button so as not to end up frustrated.

Thanks for reading. I love you all again and again.


  1. I couldn't agree more! Thanks for sharing...I was so blessed!

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  3. It's always better to dissociate yourself from friends/associates who will not in any way contribute anything positive to your life. Thanks for sharing, Glo

  4. Thanks Dear. It is time to dissociate myself from those negative people

    Topmost Tree

  5. Is time to do the right thing and make new friends...

  6. i have done that since ,press unfollow button tipe!

    no time

  7. Hi Gloria,
    From a first time visitor and commenter.
    "Friends with benefit" is used for friends who have s*x with each other with no strings attached.. They have an understanding about relating in dat regard and still have other relationships.. They don't expect jealousy from each other since they know they have an open relationship..
    Its disgusting...


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