Tuesday, 22 March 2016

How to overcome laziness

I have always thought, laziness is the lack of ability to work, which i believe is the thought of many today, No!

Taking a study on the word laziness or what it is to be lazy, i  discover that laziness is the unwillingness of somebody to work.  Everyone of us has an ability to do some thing in life. That you don't have the physical strength to carry block at the building site does not mean there's nothing you can do.

Are you willing to work before you eat?  Or you are waiting for somebody to do everything for you, while you sit down wishing you realized your goals. If you are not ready to work, then you are a lazy person and i promise you, if you continue in your unwillingness to work, you may end up being a liability.

So get something doing, see work as something you must do to succeed in life. Many see work as punishment and so anytime they are asked to work, it is like you are saying go and suffer.
Please understand that God is the one who started work. Work is part of God's plan for your life. It is not a punishment neither is it a curse. 2THES3:10.

until you decide to avoid easy ways in life, you will never be able to make your life easy. In other words, until you decide to go against laziness, you will never be able to secure your destiny.
Lazy hands make a man poor, but diligent hands bring wealth - prov 10:4

Enjoy your day you all.


  1. Glo boo...chai this post came at te right time....the heat is also a causer of laziness... Laziness is indeed very bad and need to be avoided like a plague

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  2. Well said, Gloria. Man wasn't made to be lazy. Man was made to be busy then rest. Nothing kills faster than laziness. "If any man will not work, let him not eat."

  3. Ayam lazy... I know and I procrastinate a lot..but I know I have a problem and so I make conscious effort to do the right thing. For example, I had a report to submit..i could submit before the end of the week and the lazy and procrastinating part of me is like chill till Thursday jor but I decided to do it today. And there is no excuse for laziness...

  4. Procrastination cause laziness. Thank for this post.

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  5. I agree with you GLO. Laziness is the unwillingness of somebody to work. In other words, laziness is a thief of time because it comes with procrastination. Nice post.

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  6. I have been praying to overcome the spirit of laziness. God help me

  7. Hmmm. Laziness! If it's what will benefit as in working to earn some money am not lazy about it.

  8. laziness is bad

  9. I can be very lazy. This is a call for me to wake up.

    Thanks sweet Glo.

  10. A wake up call.


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