Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Do not let the force of discouragement take over

The force of discouragement had led so many to give up their dreams and visions-even when they are very close to their breakthrough or success in life.

I have always told people that, to fail is not a crime but to be a failure is a crime. And you can never become a failure until you give up or until you let the force of discouragement takes over you.

Thomas A Edison the inventor of electricity bulbs, who made hundreds attempts before he could succeed in inventing electrical balls, has to say: Many of life's failures (many who gave up their vision.) are people who not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.
You need to be courageous when you make an attempt and fail. You know, there are times you take steps and for one reason or the other, things did not work out the way you expect. This is the time you need to be courageous and, that is the same time the force of discouragement can set in if you allow it.

That means courage is the opposite of discouragement. If courage means the ability to act contrary to what your situation is saying, it therefore means that to overcome the force of discouragement, you have to learn to do the following.

1. Have the right estimate of your situation or challenges. 
Many times we over estimate our challenges and as a result get to a point of discouragement and then give up.

2. Don't over estimate your challenges. No matter what your challenges maybe, in as much as it can not get to the sky, it therefore means, even if your situation or your challenges is more than you, it is and can not be more than the ability of God.

3.Always thank God 
When you give thanks to God, even when you are faced with challenges, you are telling Him that you are not moved by what you see but by Him. In thanksgiving, you only see what He has done and as long you only see the positive aspect, you can't be discouraged.

I see you all... Have a testimony Tuesday.


  1. Wow this is for me. Thanks dearie, no giving up!

  2. Thanks Gloria for these words of encouragement. May God bless you

  3. Thanks Gloria.. #Motivational Speaker*winks*

  4. it takes courage not to be discvouraged in this perilious times

    may God help us

  5. Not easy though but one has to keep believing in one's self and that God hasn't forgotten you

    Glo Glo I dey see you ooo but this babe have been soooo preoccupied ehn

  6. Thank you. It is really not an easy feat to remain encouraged in dark times. It takes grace.

    I am intentional about staying positive every single day.

  7. Very inspirational post. I chose not to be discouraged but to keep trusting in the God that works wonders

    Alabekee's Blog

  8. Well written. Do not give up, the Lord is watching!


    This is just timely and talking to me. Though its always tough to keep moving amidst problems here and there.

  10. We are all affected by this post in one way or the other. Thank for sharing


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