Thursday, 17 March 2016

Dear Gloria, i want to know if he is serious

Please I need to know something I and my boyfriend have been dating for close to a year now he is 34 while i am 29 we are in a long distance relationship because he lives in Europe and I live in Nigeria.

Sometime ago, when we were talking on phone, he kept telling me about how many kids we are going to have and how our marriage would be. We discussed about so many issues bothering on family that day.

Now, its three months after he haven't said anything so i asked him about our future plan and he said he would get married but not immediately so out of shame i told him i was not also ready because i have some project to finish and since then I did not ask him anything again..

Whenever we talk on phone now he always tell me that he is serious and ready now. But my problem is i don't if he is serious or just joking.

My dear you alone can tell if he is serious or not. And i hope you didn't put any kind of pressure on him to make him change his mind all of a sudden?
I would advise you both have a serious talk and make your points straight and clear.


  1. You have said it all. Don't force him into taking decision of marrying you. Believe me he'll do that at the appropriate time. Allow him take his time. Thank


  2. Don't talk to him about Marriage again, if he is serious you will know from his actions. Try having a Plan B. so you don't get disappointed.

    I Rep

  3. i wonder why she is botrhering herself,if he wnts to marry you,he will tell you.shikena! dont force it

  4. Stop stressing. You are too valuable to be begging a man to propose to you. Instead work on being the woman to be pursed. Make yourself irrestible.

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  5. Dont force him, leave the stress. If hes the right one, the he ll propose.

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  6. Don't stress yourself at all huni. Like Gloria rightly said, you are the only person that can tell if he's serious. What do you guys talk about? How is the communication like? Is he serious? You need to ask yourself loads of questions. Until then please come and sip from this hot tea...hehe


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