Thursday, 3 March 2016

A blog reader want us to help her sister [Dear Gloria]

Dear Gloria,
This is about my elder sister.. She got married in 2011. My sister has been in a relationship with a guy for long and everybody thought that is the man she is going to get married to only for her to bring another person and in less than 3 months they were married. 

I remember my mum sat her down severally to find out what went wrong she said the guy was not ready for marriage and she is not getting any younger and since she saw a man that was ready she doesn't want to lose him..
After the marriage in February 2011,in October she gave birth to a baby boy who was a complete replica of her former guy. I guess the husband does not know the guy or he decided to keep mute.
Last month my sister called me and in tears told me that the first son (she has had two other boys) is actually for her former guy who also got married 2013 with a child too..
My sister is now a shadow of herself this secret has been eating her up. I told her to let us tell mum she refused so i told her to give me time to think about it. I am so confused don't know what to tell her. I decided to bring it here because she is not an Internet person.
Please people how do we go about this?  Please ma help me published this letter..
My Opinion:
I have published your letter as you can see so let's hear what others have to say..
There are no two ways about this dear your mum and all concern will get to hear about this and the earlier they do the better for everyone.. What she did was wrong because she knew from the onset that the pregnancy was for her ex but don't want us to dwell on her mistakes but rather let's help her with solutions..
Thanks for reading. 


  1. This is serious...This is a big secret ooo...Atleast confide in your mum first so y'all can know the next step to take

  2. Things have fallen apart! If you can't confide in your mum who brought you forth into this world, I wonder who else you would confide in. Dear poster, tell your sis to run to your mum as fast as her legs would carry her, and explain in details what actually happened, without hiding anything. I believe your mum would have a better idea of how to go about resolving this whole mess.

  3. Women and secret, just like bread and better...

    Let her bear her cross....

  4. omo i am speechless,

  5. This is hard.. The harm is done already. The first thing you should do is to inform your mum

    Olisdiary blog

  6. The truth is the most difficult thing to do. Sometimes I fall short too. But I will still tell you the truth, which is tell the truth. Truth can never be buried like Reinhard Bonnke said, it always spruts out. Better he hears from her.

  7. Confide in your mum, she can handle it

  8. All mothers don't have same understanding. This situation requires wisdom to control and avoid it from escalating when the truth comes out. I don't beleive she must confide in her mother. The girl is afraid of her mother's reaction obviously. I would suggest finding an elderly christian mother from her church, someone with a reputation for keeping her own home in order, someone who is known for relating with younger wives and single sisters..such a woman can help her handle the situation. Your sister needs to open up on why she left the former guy, bearing in mind she was already pregnant. It's safer with an elderly woman who understands what it takes to keep a home because if the foundation of her marriage is not stable, unfolding this situation without proper guidance will result in such a crash..
    I sincerely hope everything works out well for your sister.

  9. Secret and hidden agenda for women. Well, thank God am a man.

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