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You won't break if you S-T-R-E-T-C-H

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One of the things i love to do lately is exercising. In fact those who know me before now, know that i don't give a hoot about exercises in fact in my mind i used to laugh when i see people being very passionate about exercises.
Mehnn i didn't need a soothsayer to tell me to buckle up when most of my clothes won't fit anymore plus i began getting some unflattering comments from people about me becoming too fat bla bla bla. I don't have anything against fat people but for me that have very unique height hmmmm if you becoming unnecessarily fat o!boy you may not be proud of how you turned out. I actually advised myself that why not do something now that you still can and the only way out is exercising plus a healthy diet/lifestyle.

I just have to love exercises and cut down on my carbs intake cos as much as i don’t joke with my spiritual walk, i also don’t joke with my physical fitness/look. That's how my journey to exercising started.

But as much as i enjoy challenging my body just recently, one part that i don't enjoy is stretching! I actually used to dread it so much whenever i watch fitness trainers compel their trainees to stretch.

Before i embarked on this exercise journey of mine, i began to learn about the benefits of stretching and what it does to the body, and since then i have never looked back. I take it as seriously as my workouts and I enjoy it a whole lot more now.
So much so that i stretch even when I am not working out! I have learnt however that it’s not just our bodies that need to be stretched. We can be stretched in every area of our lives, even in our relationships and careers.

I got this light one day, while engaging in a post workout stretch; I thought to myself that I will like to know the proper definition of stretching so once i could, i looked it up in various ways and one definition that stuck to me was this – "being capable of lengthening without tearing or breaking"!

I said to myself so one can actually stretch without breaking? I was excited and i began to ponder on various ways we can actually stretch in our various endeavors. Below are some thoughts i came out with.

  • Don't be too comfortable in your present state

I realize that people tend to be too carried away with present achievement and therefore do not see need to strive for more. Who said after that mansion you can't build another, buy another car, get another contract, or have a better relationship. The truth is if you dare to stretch a little further you will be amazed how much better you are able to achieve.

  • Leave your comfort zone. 

Leave your comfort zone simply means dare to take risks.
A man said it is a risk not to take a risk. I think that explains all about leaving our comfort zones.

  • There's still something within you that the world is yet to see. 

Do you think you have exhausted your limits? Nay there's still something inside of you waiting to manifest only if you search deeper again. You once came up with a brilliant idea? You can still come up with another and another and another.....

Physical stretching can be so rewarding; some of the benefits include flexibility, increased blood flow to the muscles, and increased range of motion in the joints.

In your  career, your relationship, your marriages, and even your jobs(the list is endless) requires a lot more from you only if you are ready to stretch a little further.

As I continue to take stretching as serious as my workouts, I have not stopped seeing great improvements, and I keep reminding myself that anything that stretches me will always bring out the best in me.

Don't fret you won't break  lolz. Just be willing to S-T-R-E-T-C-H – Spirit. Soul and body and do so without breaking!

Have a testimony filled Tuesday and don't fail to add yours to the list.

Catch ya


  1. Choi!this post is actually talking to me.leaving my comfort zone is very imperative I do.
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Two in 1 article. Exercising and about life.

  3. rich article


    1. I like the content of the post though the title is not comprehensive enough.

      This is a three in one article telling us about your journey to exercising, the benefits of exercise and stretching in relation to lifestyle.

      Honestly, Madam you need to apply headline hack rules to this post. It would have positioned it to remain evergreen.


    2. Thanks for the review. I actually had a tough time coming up with the title and i am surprise that it's not suitable enough..

  4. True talk dear. Exercise is very good and essential to the body

    Alabekee's Blog

  5. A man said it is a risk not to take a risk.... But it is also risk to take foolish Risk.

  6. the worst thing a woman would here is "you are too fat"


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