Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Toke Makinwa's propelling force to succeed

Today we are going to be having a Toke Makinwa's post as a guest post.
Toke is a popular OAP who is among the most criticized female celebrity. But there's one thing i admire so much about this woman, it is the "never give up spirit" in her that is, the more you talk the more she does what she does.
I didn't understand that aspect, that zeal and what propels her until i read this post on her instagram page.

Some people were born into a successful family by successful i mean wealthy, some stumble unto success while some were just determined to be successful.
Now,  that type of determination in most cases is stirred up as a result of an unpleasant event that happened around ones life and that is the case of our very own Toke Makinwa.
She was determined to succeed because of what an ex said to her, while some other girls back will be caught in self-pity, or depression, she instead took up the challenge to prove her critic wrong. Beloved, behind every success there's a scar. Let's see what she wrote on her instagram page below.....

"On this journey to success, it is important to inspire and motivate others so that on the days you feel less motivated, you too can find inspiration in another persons success story. Today I remembered something deep. I used to like this one guy and he didn't like me back like I liked him. He was into me but something was off.
One day after he was breaking up with me yet again I asked him why he didn't think we would work out? He responded with "we are from different worlds", he said his family had high expectations of him to bring home someone of a similar background to his and he couldn't take us further cos basically to him my daddy was a nobody. I cried to bed that night but even in my tears, I developed a hunger for success. I never wanted to feel that way again so I vowed to make a name for myself. To make something out of my life. I got my shit together and started working hard cos I already know what it feels like to be a "nobody", I wanted to become more. I work hard to be more, to inspire and to leave my name in the stars. I'm not quite there yet but I'm on a journey and I feel so blessed to love what I do. Radio/Tv/Vlogging and basically monetizing my life. My career makes me dream and Prayer helps me key into my dreams. With faith I see that God rewards diligence. Today I'm still building, brick by brick, stone after stone, I will get there and you too can"

-Toke Makinwa, 2016.

Have a testimony tuesday i see you all...


  1. Toke is an inspirtation. I've always loved her. She has proven "them" wrong in every way.

    Keep going, Toke.
    I'm taking it step-by-step too.

    Thanks for sharing, sweet Glo.

  2. Her strong will keeps her flying high no matter what people say. I'm inspired already.

    Alabekee's Blog

  3. Wow...I'm inspired.

  4. Wow! Very Inspiring. The best have heard from the Fashionista.

  5. She is a very strong girl .. But everyone talks based on their experience

  6. Yeah... It's nice to be hungry for success though been desperate is not encourage. I don't believed in doing the wrong things to be victorious.

    How are you doing?

  7. no wonder she tries too hard,i love her hustle

    fine babe

  8. We should never let anything weigh or distract us from achieving our dreams

    Glowyshoes's blog

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