Monday, 15 February 2016

Monday Devotion: Lie Not To Another

A lie is statement of what is known to be false with intention to deceive. A lie remains a lie whether, or black.
However there are different kinds of lie that exist today. Below are some that
 are common amongst men.

Lie of commission: This is a statement presented as if it is true. This is the type of lie of Cain after killing Abel and still denying that he knew not about his whereabout.

Lie of Omission: This is a type of lie as witnessed by Abraham when he denied the identity of Sarah as being his sister instead of his wife.

Lie of Perjury: This is the lie of bearing false witness against one another, i.e saying things we do not know about but presenting them as if they are true and as if we witnessed it. This was the type of lie against Naboth in 1kgs 21.

Lie of Exaggeration: This is a statement in which one adds to the points to make a matter look so serious. Hmmmm*clears throat* most people fall into this type of lie because they want to brag or show-off.

Lie of Hypocrisy: This is a lie of saying one thing but doing another. In others words it is the do what i say but don't do what i do type of lie.

Lie of Gossip and Slander: This is a talk about the details of other people's actions and private lives which may not be correct or proper. It is with the intention of damaging the good opinion held about a person by others.

How did  your weekend of love go?
who did you lied to?
What type of lie and who has lied to you?
Happy new week.


  1. We need God's grace to live a life that is free of lie because if we must tell ourselves the truth, we all commit this sin knowingly or unknowingly. May God help us all

  2. I hate lie like crazy

  3. There is no one who doesn't lie.

  4. sometimes after u lie, u would be surprise how good u are at it.....but wen caught, u would know nothing will ever go uncovered in this world

  5. I kinda lied to myself yesterday. Lol.

    Great article.

  6. Lovely piece Gloria, We all tell lies as a matter of fact, but it's the grace of God that keep us going. do have a lovely week.

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  7. all Lie na Lie sha, weda big or small? large or little.... We all do...

  8. Everyone is guilty of one is innocent here.lie of exaggeration is the mostc common of all.


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