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My NYSC EXPERIENCE [conclusion]

The Corpers that studied mostly engineering and science based courses in the university and polytechnics were very lucky to find for themselves families who were interested to have extra lessons for their wards, those of us who read social and art courses depended solely on our monthly allowee from Federal Government. The funny thing was that, most of them were not paid by these families as they kept promising come today, come tomorrow debtors style.

Now, by the month of March, schools were already rounding off the term in which during the holiday all Corpers would leave for their homes. The boy who was living with us couldn’t leave and travel back, meaning if we all left for the holiday, he would be the one in the family house alone in that community and he wasn’t a Corper and didn’t understand the Yoruba language. I called the Papa and told him about the situation and asked him what we should do, he was in our care and in a tough health condition. Papa too, was like he didn’t know what to do as he would also be traveling for a short engineering course he had already paid for during the holiday.

My problem wasn’t that I would stay behind, but I was broke and feeding would be a big problem for the both of us if I should stay with him. On the other hand, the money he came with was finished and even if we should raise some money for him to travel back to his state, it would mean that in the next 3 or 4 weeks he would be traveling down again to our PPA…. The journey would stress him due to his health. I desperately wanted to go home for that short holiday.


While I was thinking of what to do, I said within me and asked God to help the situation. Immediately, the very next day which was a Wednesday, a day for extra-curricular activities in the school and while we were having a debate session (that debate was very funny, you all needed to hear the kind of English that came out from the mouths of the students) between ss1 and ss2 students, someone said something which I can’t remember as I am typing this, but it had to do with my field of study and explanation was needed. The teacher who was the moderator (happened to be the same teacher who told me to accept the position given to me), called me and said I should help explain the term to the students. I was at the back of the classroom and had to come to the front and explain to the understanding of the students. After I explained to them, I called my comedian friend Seun, and asked him to use the Yoruba language to make it clearer to them.

Immediately I finished explaining, the proprietor of the school just called me aside and said she has been looking at me from the first day I started teaching and how I carry each class along. While she was still talking, she asked me and said, can you teach part time students of a college of education Political Science courses?

Now, this college of education had a satellite campus in that very community and the proprietor of the school I was serving was the coordinator. We went into her office and we discussed about everything and the pay. I was to be paid 30k for a month if I can rush the students and finish up within a month because they were to sit for exams by April, and I would lecture four courses for OND 1 and OND 2. That was March, and secondary and primary school would be on break very soon. I returned from school that day and told the boy that I would stay with him during the holiday, the boy was more than happy. For the very first time, I felt I made someone happy in my life because there was this brightness on his face. As for feeding, I told him not to worry and I narrated everything to him.

I took the offer right away, traveled down to Lagos the next day to take some of my university text books and returned Friday to begin lecture on Saturday. The students I was to lecture were mostly my elders by age and I was more than nervous standing in front of people in their thirties and forties. Even though some were my mates and some my juniors, I couldn’t look into their eyes while explaining to them- Shame want finish me jare….

A very funny thing which I will call an additional miracle happened while I was lecturing the first day. I wanted to be dictating notes for them while they wrote, but two days after, the proprietor called me and said the students reported to her that I would be dictating instead of preparing handouts. Most of them couldn’t write as well and dictating would be stressful for those set of students. I told her handouts would take time to prepare but she said I had no choice, after all, they would pay me for it. Immediately, it struck me that it was another avenue to make money, I went home and by the next time we met for lectures, I had prepared two handouts out of the four courses I was taking. Each handout was N1000, and I had 37 students for both ND1 and ND2.

To cut the story short, by the time they were writing their exams in late April, just before secondary and primary schools resumed for another term, I had made over 30k alone from handouts and another 30k from the school within a month in a land which was termed dry by my fellow Corpers. I was also given some money for Invigilating and marking scripts. The students also wanted to donate from their pockets to give to me, on the ground that i didn't disturb them during the exam, although i turned it down.My friend Seun was angry for turning it down when i told him the story. Even though not all the students paid me for the hand outs, with the proprietor also cutting a large part of the money, I made money more than enough for our upkeep that month, aside the allowee that came in later. I didn’t even touch my allowee, to me it was a peanut. 

All those who taught in state secondary schools were paid N50,000 for the one year service, but in just a month, i made more than what they got for 12 months from a ''dead zone ground''.. That's God in action.

The boy and I had nothing to worry about all through the holiday period. In fact it was the best period of our stay in that community. We passed out six weeks later on 1st of June and by July he was also through with Waec examination and headed back to his home town. When he called me this year, I learnt he was already in a higher institution in the east.

Now the mysteries----
1-      It was the same teacher who advised me in my first article that called me out to explain something to the class and while explaining the proprietor called me and asked if I could teach? Why was that teacher instrumental to me? Remember it was him who also quoted from the same Bible chapter and verse after my morning experience with God’s voice.
2-      Also, why did God wait to almost the end of my year service for all these to happen? When everyone was like ‘’I can’t wait to leave this dry and boring community’’, that was when it turned rosy for me.

Written by
Senena Mobebi


  1. Totally God's intervention. I fell into the hands of extra-lesson-family-debtors during my time,just when i thought i was about to hit big n save something. It was all fun experience. I wouldn't want to serve twice sha but Jos was such a beautiful city,i loved it there..

  2. Oh, that was God right there!!!

    {I hope you paid your tithe sha. Lol}

    Thanks for writing, Senena.
    Thanks for posting, Glo.

    1. Lol am sure he did. You are always welcomed

    2. Hahahaahahaaa....
      Payment of tithe should be a private thing between someone and God.

      Thank u very much....

  3. That's the Lord doing. Thank for the completion of the story.

    1. You welcome i think Senena should be writing for us on this blog.

  4. Enter your comment...

    Ancient of days is God.
    he never changes

  5. Totally God's intervention. I fell into the hands of extra-lesson-family-debtors during my time,just when i thought i was about to hit big n save something. It was all fun experience. I wouldn't want to serve twice sha but Jos was such a beautiful city,i loved it there..

    1. Very terrible people oooo.... Especially, when u r hoping on that money from them and de disappoint...

  6. i need to read the part 1 ofthe story

  7. It's a I enjoyed this very much. God provides for HIS people even while they are asleep. We shouldn't be in a haste to conclude our life yet. The best is yet to come.

    Mily's blog


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