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Is your passion God's purpose for your life?

She’s popularly known as one of the most sought after gospel artists in Nigeria.

Evangelist Tope Alabi has revealed she went through a lot of difficulties before hitting it big.

In a recent interview she revealed how she acted for 21 years but was not used in a single movie. According to her, acting was her dream as she never liked being a musician.

‘Where i worked, they told me to stop coming to work. I also joined acting yet i was not used in a single movie. I acted for 21 years and it was hard. I didn’t make it. I followed Ishola Ogunsola to schools to sing back stage but nothing cam out of it,’ she said.

‘Acting was what i wanted. I didn’t like being a musician. God loves me and put me at the right position which was singing,’ she continued.

The actress also shared with City People the petty jobs she engaged in before she made it.

According to her, ‘Asides acting, i hawked raw eggs, rice and stew, garri before going to school in Ewutu Grammar school. It was in Ibadan that i sold boiled egg’.

I watched a documentary a while ago of a young Nigerian who made a mini aircraft and it flew very well. On interviewing the mother she said her son, right from childhood has had passion for inventing stuffs that even when scolded, he still goes back to the same act of trying out new stuffs. 

To my understanding, i think that is called passion but what i didn't find satisfactory is the fact that the young man is there in one corner and nobody recognized him.
There are so many people like that who have a passion for a particular thing but struggle endlessly without results. 

So could it be that just like our dear Tope Alabi, your passion most times, isn't God's purpose for your life? 

Lets talk. 


  1. Yes in the case of Tope, her dream was to be a successful actress but God wanted to use her for another purpose and He blessed her with the voice to sing.

    sometimes in life we always have passion for something but with that passion alone we may not make it, like some bloggers will say i have passion for blogging but with only that passion nobody will know about your blog and you wont make a dime from the blog so its not all about the passion.

    Nice blog you have here Gloria, found your blog on Ogbongeblog.

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  3. I agree with Jacob. Sometimes it's not really all about passion, but God's Favour and destiny. You might put all your effort and energy on a job like Tope did for 21 good years or even what you have passion for, without seeing a good result. When God says it's time the way you will rise ehn. Takefor instance Olajumoke's rise to fame, she never had passion for modelling but that's God purpose for her. May God make our passion become his purpose in our lives.

  4. In Tope's case, I would say she may have not really known what she had talent for. She thought she could act but her main thing was singing....

    That boy has already discovered his talent, maybe he did not learn those things in school. In a country like Nigeria, he needs some strategy to get the right attention..

  5. Probably God didn't make to prosper in acting he wanted her to become a singer anyone you see prosperity in could be the one God wants for

  6. Well said Gloria, even tho it's okay to follow your passion as most time what you're passionate about ultimately leads u to where you ought to be..take for a instance, right from my childhood i have always wanted to be a sailor and i actually studied to be one and had all my certifications some outside naija, buh blimme i worked for 4 years plus before i ventured into IT n set up my business..tho not there yet but way better than when i use to be away on the sea for months lol

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  7. Well, there are many people who are actually derailing from their God-given purpose. If you don't find out what God has destined you to be, you might just be toiling all day without achieving anything. But when you discover and follow your God's given purpose, things will just be falling in place naturally.

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  8. Well said Gloria, i also like Jacob's comment. God placed Tope Alabi in the right position but never wanted to be a musician- datz God at work.

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    The luckiest ones are those who have passion for what they are destined to be successful with. That is why prayer does it all to seek for God's guardian in whatever we do.


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