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Guest Post: God Answers Right From The Very Moment We Ask HIM To Do Something For Us.

Senena Mobebi (i particularly love
this name) is a seasoned writer and a blogger you can check out his blog here .
Please enjoy this very interesting piece she pens down for us and guess what???  it's a true life experience.

See the post below :

My  NYSC Experience ( Part One)

This article may be a bit lengthy.

I grew up with a father who taught us (his children) the need to always have a spare time for God in silence. This he did by constantly reminding us that we all should learn to create a quiet time where we could just stay in total silence and listen to the voice within us, and most times while in this state of quietness, he would play a classical music (mostly Beethoven or Handel) at the background.

Whenever we were in such situation, our bodies got weakened and most times we slept off when in such moods. We were kids then growing up in the 90s and we preferred Daddy Showkey who was the reigning musician then to music without voice. He emphasized the need for our private alters when we are old and where we could just sit and meditate with our Creator in total silence. He molded us in the fear of God.

Even though I was lucky to know the existence of God and the need for a personal relationship with Him from a very tender age, I never took spirituality very serious when maturity started setting in on me. Though I try to have my personal quiet moments with God in the morning and night before I go to bed to rest for the day, sometimes I slept off while kneeling down for a 5 minutes prayer be it in the morning or at night..

I got my first Bible in SSS 1 and it was due to the fact that I took CRK as a subject in secondary school and not because I ought to study it daily as a Christian. After secondary school, the Bible was nowhere to be found.

Even when I got admitted into the university, my very first time in church was because a very pretty female student scouting for more members from newly admitted students had invited a friend of mine and I to her church of worship- we couldn’t turn down the request from such a pretty damsel! After that, I attended services for a couple of Sundays and stopped till I got to final year where all guys felt the need to draw closer to God in a bid for us to get favour and graduate without having any problem with school authorities, it worked for me once again, as I graduated and was among the next batch of graduates immediately mobilized for the mandatory one year National Youth Service Corps, NYSC.

I was posted to one of the Southwestern States for my one year service to myfatherland and after the 21 days orientation camp, I was further posted to a riverine community in an interior part of the state as my Place of Primary Assignment, PPA. All through my stay in my PPA community, I could count the number of days we had electricity; not up to ten days. Here no banks, no Mr Biggs, or those luxuries youths love. We all wore rumpled clothes, but even in those clothes we were still forming big boys in the community.

Barely two months after our arrival, the out-going Corpers representing the Christian Corper’s body known as, Nigerian Christian Corpers Fellowship, NCCF, called me and said I would be the next Zonal Secretary, popularly known as Uncle (If a male) or Aunty (If a female), representing that zone- I was dumbfounded! Why would they even choose someone like me who didn’t even know major Bible passages except Genesis 1:1, Psalm 23 and John 3:16? Someone who couldn’t even lead a prayer session of 10 minutes? Someone who didn’t know major choruses and praise and worship songs? And bla bla bla. Even the Bible I was using then was one my younger brother saw in a classroom when he went for an overnight reading and he picked it up and dashed me. It had no front cover. Why couldn’t they have chosen sister this and that or brother this and that who actually took part in church activities while they were in the universities…why me?

News got to the other Corpers the next day about my proposed position and trust my guys, everyone was laughing asking the same question I asked above. One of my friends came in front of me and just made the sign of the Cross and said, Uncle Sen, pray for me! Everyone who heard him, laughed hard, including myself. All of a sudden, everyone started calling me Uncle. I knew I don enter one chance for their hands. While all these jokes were going on plus other discussions regarding my behavior and my new position, a teacher who wasn’t a Corper contributed and said, ‘’Corper Sen, don’t worry about your inability to quote Bible passages or sing choruses or even lead prayer sessions, God doesn’t call the qualified but the unqualified, to let people know that HE is God and HE makes people become anything, God can use anything or anyone to perform his work’’. With these words, I made up my mind to give in my best in my position, even though I was still doubting my ability.

Since I was an exco of NCCF, one of the laws guiding the Christian body is that; all executives must live in the family houses in all Zones, so with this I lived in the family house of my division. We were about 9 in the family house which was a three bedroom flat with a very large parlour, out of which not all were executives but they decided to live with us and this made the house extremely lively. My very first night to lead the evening prayers which was a 15 minutes prayer time, I could remember I sang a song which along the line, I didn’t know the wordings/lyrics but someone picked it up from where I got stuck and continued it. When it was over, everyone was laughing at me and one said; if na Limpopo or Kukere (Kcee and Iyanya had the reigning singles then) I for no make mistake oh… chai! As we were about leaving for our various rooms, the leader, Zonal Coordinator, popularly known as Papa, tapped me and said, Seun isn’t around, please cover up for him by being in charge of tomorrow morning prayer.

Morning Prayer must come with Bible quotations because one is expected to give a short sermon of at least 10 minutes, this is where was difficult for me because I had never preached, neither did I know where to preach from. That night I couldn’t sleep, I was just opening my Bible to get understanding of any Bible verse but none came into me. I couldn’t just pick a Bible verse and preach with it. I stayed up for over an hour looking up for the best passage to preach from but I couldn’t point to anyone. All of a sudden, when it was almost 12 midnight, I went to bed with a very short prayer to God with the particular words; ‘’God Please, lead me to the right passage tomorrow’’, and I went to bed after that very short prayer.

What happens next got me shocked.

Morning devotion starts at 6am, but at about 4:30am or thereabout, I woke up to use the rest room, immediately I returned and wanted to lay down on the bed again, I felt something like a cool breeze passed by me and it came with a very faint voice but very clear saying; James 4 verse 5…. I stood still, totally confused and was doubting if I heard anything, but something in me said go and open that Bible chapter and verse. I grabbed my Bible and opened it with the help of the torchlight from my phone (God bless nokia for such phones), but when I read that verse in the book of James, it still didn’t make any sense to me. While I was pondering if I actually heard a voice telling to read that chapter, like a second time, something said read the entire chapter. I broadened my scope and started reading from verse 1, but again I still didn’t comprehend, but by the time I got to verse 13, it started making sense to me, and by the time I got to verse 17, the very last verse of that James 4, the sermon that morning was waiting for me there. At this moment, my heart was extremely lighted up and anyone who was awake then and saw me would have been shocked to see the funny smile on face.

God confirms HIS voice. Implication of that early morning revelation.

During the morning devotion which happens to be my very first time of leading morning devotion, I read from James 4: 13-17 with emphasis on verse 17 and everything went smoothly. My mischievous friends who were waiting to laugh me were disappointed as I took it with all seriousness without looking at their faces all through. After the prayers that morning, one asked me, ‘’oh boy, wetin enter you this morning?

We all dressed up and went to our different PPAs. Now, at about 1:30pm of that same day, I was left in the office with the same man who earlier encouraged me some days ago about God using the smallest to perform great things and while we were discussing about some issues concerning the school and the country in general, he quoted from the same James 4: with great emphasis on the same verse 17… honestly, when I heard him quoting that verse, I was extremely shocked with a little Fear in me! At this moment, I was totally quiet and was just looking him to the extent that he noticed my action and asked if I was okay.

I came to the conclusion that from the first day one asks God for something, God hears and grants that request. It may delay but I believe HE has granted and released it from the moment you ask HIM.

Written out of my personal true experience as it happened to me.

Article written by Senena Mobebi

Owner of


  1. Wooooow... this article came at the right time in my life.. whoever wrote it, thumbs up! so inspiring.

  2. Beautiful. Thank you for writing, Sen! I bet you are still on fire for God :)

    God is just too much. He will just call somebody from the thick darkness into His glorious light amazingly.

    Thanks for sharing Glo.

    1. I wouldn't say I am but what I know is that NCCF helped my spiritual life to a great extent....and honestly, after the nysc program, I was glad I worked with them....

  3. This amazing, thank for sharing Glo and kudos to the writer.

  4. Hmmmmmm impressed. The most difficult thing is accepting the responsibility you know nothing about. Its takes courage and determination to get it done.

    I like the personal experience. Will surely check out your blog.

    1. Thank you very much..... And what you wrote is exactly what my mum told me after I narrated the story to her after my NYSC..... She too was shocked cos my character then no be am at all....

  5. interesting piece

  6. God is still on the throne...Real life situations speaks best and i simply love it

  7. wow! Interesting read.If only we can hear his voice,he speaks

  8. There is no impossibility with our God. Great write-up Senena

    Alabekee's Blog

  9. This article touched the very core of my being. God is our very present help in time of need. Thank you for sharing!

    Please read:

    The one thing that changed my life

  10. Wow. He is such a fantastic writer. This piece inspired me a whole lot

  11. Thanks all.... I appreciate... And thank you Glory for posting.. Part two of it will come later ...

  12. Wow..I'm highly Inspired. What u wrote that "God doesn’t call the qualified but the unqualified, to let people know that HE is God and HE makes people become anything" really touched me in a special way. This article is exactly what I needed at this point in my life. Thanks so much Sen and Gloria. God bless u.

    Mily's blog

    1. Seriously I used to think before now that Senena is a lady.. lolzzz

  13. God is faithful like that. Whoever says God doesn't exist is in complete blindness. This is not only about what the Bible says, but we have practical examples. Hallelujah


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