Sunday, 7 February 2016

From Me To You....

Hello lovelies,

How has it been? It's the first sunday in February already.
Am here again (covers face) to plead with you all for my noticeable absence here in the past days.
Am not going to tell a story or give excuses of being a wife bla bla bla..... (Toyin Lawani runs close to 20 different businesses abi?) am just gonna admit that i haven't planned my time well.

So this past week was very busy for me one of my sweethearts got married and i was involved in so many things including her neckbead (if you follow me on Instagram, you will know i make beads) her makeup(am not perfect but was able to make her more beautiful) so diaries it was all a busy week for me.
Bmf will understand this aspect of involving in a wedding pre.

I wasn't totally absent i think i still managed to do some catching up on some of my favorite blogs.
I received grace to be able to manage my 24hrs well IJN amen.

Below is a glimpse of what i am talking about...(i couldn't snap any pic on her white wedding yesterday)
I try small for the makeup? 

Can you sight her neck piece?

Me and Mine (ignore the faces just showing off my beads) 

This is where i sign out gosh i need rest. Remember time waits for no one. Today is the tomorrow you talked about yesterday.
I love you all...
So who missed me?


  1. I missed you oo. I didn't know you make beads. Nice!

    Regards to "mine"

    Do have a good night rest, sweetie.

  2. Woooow! Never knew you make beads. That's very good,and I must commend you for the make-up you did on your friend. Good job.

    Alabekee's Blog

    1. Thanks my sister don't mind Bmf and Co lol

  3. Eermm, na you do the make up? Hahahahahahah. This is make up of life. Abeg stick to your bead making or go learn makeup.

    *Laughing away *

  4. Bmf has said it all. Kindly stick to bead making and forget make up cos that picture there is make up of life. I can always train you sha if u don't mind *shines teeth*
    However,u did justice to the beads Weldone dear and regards to him

  5. Lol@ true Glo. Your beads are wow. So nice.

    Mily's blog

  6. Replies
    1. Awwwwh Immanuel E-hugs you are welcome. Miss you too

  7. Hian the make up is fine nah

    Didnt know you make beads ooooo how come???


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