Thursday, 11 February 2016

Dear Gloria where have i gone wrong?

Yayyyy we have an anonymous blog reader on "DEAR GLORIA" and guess what????? Its a guy and you all remember our last mail was also sent in by a guy(you can read it here).
Hehehe where are the babes biko keep the mails coming like before. Do not be shy your identity will be well protected. Do not suffer in silence share your story with us by sending a mail to

Mainwhile Let's read Toby's mail below:

Dear Gloria, 

My name is Toby (not real name) and i am 38-yr-old. I decided to write to you, after following your blog for sometime and i doff my hat for you because you are doing a great job. I like the way you present your articles. Please don't stop being you.

My story is long but am going to cut it very short.  Like i said earlier, am in my late 30s and very ready to settle down as in get married for Christ sake i am long overdue.
I met a girl named Anne some three years ago and thought i have met my soul mate as everything i desire in my future wife was in her (80%).

I and Anne have dated for more than two years now. The gist is this, early December i called her for us to have a very important discussion concerning our marriage. We scheduled for us to meet but she didn't turn up and when i ask her why she said i shouldn't rush her (she's 34).
Dear Gloria to cut the long story short she got wedded in January to a guy she claimed to be her ex who is the architect of a scar on her forehead as a result of constant beating.

My question is why did she pretend to be into the relationship(ours) when in actual fact she isn't?, why does she prefer a man that always molest her(according to her) to me who has never laid a finger on her?, where did i go wrong?,

I am heartbroken.



  1. Such is life. It's obvious that some ladies actually prefer to be with men who turn them into punching bad than those who pamper them like kids. She just proved that she isn't into you and may have even cheated on you with the same guy if you had gone ahead to marry her.

    Alabekee's Blog

  2. some ladies ehn. Maybe she is blindly in love with the Man she married. Relax, your woman is on the way.

  3. heeyah! i think ladies like guys that bully them.God will send your own jawe.

  4. This poster is funny sef, so na wetin he wan ask us be this?Anyway, some people are just like that..She just wanna be on a safe side...She probably wasnt sure of your stand...Whatever rocks her boat

  5. bro take heart u, d one wey be your own go come plus there might be some stuffs you do that made her run back to uncle Mike Tyson, so check yourself too. i just hope when d heat is much with Tyson she wont come back begging u to take her back lol...

    Check out inside the now decommissioned first Concorde supersonic plane that landed on US soil...a plane for d rich and my profile or

  6. My dear, u better go to church for thanksgiving. God just saved you from a major problem. U deserve someone who knows her worth, someone who isn't a liar. As far as u are sure u didn't do anything wrong, though I know it doesn't seem like it now, you should be in a celebratory mood. I pray God provides u with your own. All the best.

  7. Thank your star u didn't marry her before u discover after ur marriage, she can't do without her ex.

    She's not the girl God created from ur ribs in other words she's not ur wife.

    Take a cold shower and keep repeating "God I thank u" for as long as u can. In a simple term, Just forget her.

    Mily's blog

  8. My dear, u didn't do anything jor, d heart of man is desperately wicked. Peeps usually have affinity for destructive tins

  9. Don't worry Toby, urs will come. D gal no try shaa. I agree with BMF on Dat, some gals like d pain.

  10. sorry Toby, when life give u lemons, lemonade it all n muv on... dnt blame her, dey may have a past Dats unbreakable that's just d honest truth, beat or not beaten by d guy... true love has its scars and rewards... go on n tk ur heart out n find love again...

    greetings from

  11. that is the twist of life and probably they still love each other and u only came and made her stronger to love back and eventually she did but to the one her heart craves for

  12. she only used u to comfort heart self during her fall out with d guy.. God will soon locate u with your own missing rib


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