Thursday, 18 February 2016

Dear Gloria My Family Dislike My Lover's Tribe

Dear Gloria, 

My life is in a mess. I will make this letter as short as possible and if you need to edit before posting please go ahead. 

I am in a relationship with a 38-yr-old man. We love ourselves and have always known we are meant for each other. I am from Edo State why he is from Akwa Ibom State. The problem is my family said over their dead body that i marry him. I have tried talking to them but they are adamant saying that they have once had a bad experience with an Akwa Ibom woman. 
The secret they don't know is that i am already 6 weeks pregnant for him. 
what should i do? 

Over to you guys..


  1. religion isn't a boundary for marriage? bt smtyms u need to chck smthns in it all bfr committin urslf to marriage... let God lead n guide u..

    on bng pregnant, I stl ask qstns why smone whu isn't married to someone allows room for pregnancy bfr marriage, yet wehn d family says NO, the guy becomes a branding bag for hard/harsh names.... justsayin....

  2. Oh boy! This matta don pass mathias oooo. You're already six weeks pregnant for him and your parents have sworn you will never marry him? Well, there's no problem without solution. All you need right now is divine intervention from God to be able to convince your parents that you both are meant for each other. I wish all the best in your love life.

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  3. Why are they not supporting the relationship? Well, it's all about you. Tribe is not an excuse. It is you that will be in the marriage not your parents. So my question is, are you convinced he is the right one?

  4. You're already preggie? Wow. (I dunno what to say because you're already pregnant). But I wish you well.

    God is a very merciful God.

  5. A great woman who once lived, Bimbo Odukoya said if your parents reject your to-be spouse, don't rush. No matter the stupid reason they give, just wait. If it is God's will, it will come to pass. Experience has proven over and over again that those who carry on with marriage against parent's advise end up in a hot mess. My advice to you is to wait. The pregnancy is not a reason to carry on the marriage.

    Precious Core Blog


    The problem is completely solved...just inform them of the pregnancy and thats all. Nothing more.

  7. We keep hearing of things like this over and over, its just so unfortunate

    I pity lovers that find themselves in this situation tho..

  8. My thoughts exactly, Precious. Sometimes closed doors are God's way of saying NO. Maybe He is trying to call your attention to something. Don't listen to all those as long as you love yourself. Feelings are fickle not to mention unpredictable. Wait, I know you are considering age but please wait. If it is God's will, trust me, they will come around. If not, God will show you why. Pregnancy is not a valid reason to get married either. In addition, ask for forgiveness, you shouldn't be having premarital sex. All the best.

  9. You are pregnant? Hmmmm lipsealed.. The deed has been done...i pray you find a way to tell them

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  10. Dis one pass me ooo.. But y did she agree to sex with someone who is not her husband? She should tell the family the secret and see what happens.



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