Tuesday, 5 January 2016

The Truth About Change

Oftentimes i have heard people say "we don't change other people and we can't change them". Truth be told, i have also been in that school of thought until i began to ask myself what is the essence of influencing people positively if not to make them change?.
If something about people around you causes you to distance yourself from them, or feel resentment, then change is necessary.

What i noticed is that, change, cannot take place if you try to do it authoritatively. People don't like it when you boss them around. Marriages and relationships suffer setbacks today because their spouses are trying to instill changes using a wrong approach.

Change is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. If we didn't change, it would then imply that we are perfect and have no need to grow. And we all know the response to that. In fact, it's not advisable to remain on the same spot or position you were in 2015.

One lady said to me sometime ago that, her spouse is the same person he was when they got married years ago and that as a matter of fact he has even grow worse in his attitude. I said o really? That means you changed him she was like no ooo i tried to change him but he isn't complying instead he is getting worse i answered and said "that's the point you changed him to become worse".

I have come to know that you can actually change people's character be it your spouse, friends, colleagues or family members. A died fish can still be bent if you do it carefully and stylishly.

The important thing about the process of change is the manner in which it is being handled..
Here are some approach you can apply in the process of changing people's attitude.

  • I feel much better and secured each time you come home early. 
  • It would have been so sweet if you were a bit softer with your response. 
  • You look so good but you would have looked so beautiful if this and this is well covered. (talking about indecent dressing) or you always look gorgeous and more beautiful each time you dressed corporately. 
  • Darling can you stop using those words? It hurts me each time you do... etc. 

There are a lot of ways you can actually make other people to change without sounding authoritatively and without them feelng offended.

Enjoy your day you all and please do stick around.


  1. I agree with you on this. People want to influence change whereas their attitude is worse than the devil, how will I change if all what you do is scream and shout.

    I hope they learn

  2. Just seeing this change here ooo, nice

    2016 things

    As for the post, I agree with you, we should devise a way to correct people without hurting their feelings esp if they feel what they do is right or the best

  3. 'the manner in which it is being handled matters'. Thanks for sharing Gloria. Have a good day

    Topmost Tree

  4. Well said Glo. Change is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. BTW, I'm so loving the blog's new Template. Kudos sweetie, and thanks for checking on me during my absence.

    1. You are welcome dear. Thanks for loving our new look.

  5. Gloria i totally agree you just nailed it gbam.


  6. Sweetie, I love this post so much. Change is one of my favourite topic. :) You said it all right. The manner of Approach is a key factor to be considered when effecting change. Keep blogging.


  8. The problem is, people don't know how to effect change. Dey want to change but don't know how to do it.
    Thanks for the write up Glo.

  9. Gloria,this is it! I love this post and also admire the fire in you! The secret of change is focusing in the present and build rather than dwelling in the past!

    Thanks love!

  10. And it takes 60 days to learn a new habit... Change is possible.... Thanks honey.

    what's in a name

  11. You have kill it all. It has with the way we approached it.

  12. You have kill it all. It has with the way we approached it.

    Gent Mark

  13. You are right. Positive changes in a person can only be achieved with love and good approach.


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