Wednesday, 20 January 2016

The horoscope craziness

I was surfing the Internet as usual, when i came across this story on LIB.
Honestly, i didn't know that this craze about horoscope still exist. Way back, i had a friend who will not take any step without first looking out for what the stars are saying about her.

Her addiction was to the extent that on a particular occasion she was supposed to travel but because she read that she will have ill luck that day, she had to beg her parents that she isn't traveling that day.

OK let me confess i also imitated her and made it a habit to always check my dad's Vanguard newspaper on a daily basis. I bet my dad didn't know why i was always asking for newspapers as a secondary school pupil lolz.
That urged/mindset has loooong died a natural death.

But do people still believe in horoscope? Well, some Indians still do a 7-yr-old boy has been made to marry a dog because the horoscope says his first wife will die so they believe that the dog has represented his supposed first wife. In other words the dog is made a scape dog eyah poor dog.

According to the story it was a big wedding ceremony i wonder who will collect the bride price lol which also reported that the dog has long entered the streets and continued his hustling.

Photo: LIB


  1. Honestly, I don't seem to understand the way people reason even in this modern age. Poor boy

    Alabekee's Blog

  2. That is how some people reason. This 21st century my dear. visit my

  3. this indian people and their weird belief


    People with their beliefs makes them unique and completely different from others. That's what they believed in and it works for them.

  5. I am 1 who believs in Horoscope/Mystic balls/Superstts stuff and anythn spiritual n trust me der s nthn bad in it... Life is more dan just d fisical we see....

    Greetings from.... leXHansplaCE

  6. Enter your comment...

    Lol. Pardon me but its funny

  7. Smh. Some peopple's eyes are blinds and their heart darkened to the true knowledge of the scriptures.

    These superficial beliefs are mere hynotising. When someone claims to have seen you going mad in your future, and you go through life with that belief. Surely, you shall go mad.

    What you believe, is what you become.

    May God open the eyes of our understanding. Amen.

    1. I mean *some people's eyes are blind*

      I'm so used to Disqus that I thought I could edit my comment even after posting. Phew.

  8. My people perish out of lack of knowledge. U should go to God for direction, He is the only true direction.


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