Tuesday, 12 January 2016

People you must avoid this year

1) The schemers. 

These type of people are very deceptive, and they are deceptive(cunning) enough to trick you into thinking that they are not deceptive.  

For some reason, something about them smells foul but they put on such a convincing attitude that often suppresses your better judgment.  
Their goal is to find their way into your life, earn your trust, and then use you for whatever it is they may want.

It maybe your money, sex, your popularity,your company or maybe they just want someone whom they can use at anytime. You invite them for your function they won't come but expects you to attend every of theirs. When you are hurt or broken, you won't see them around you but would want you to be with them at the snap of their finger. Trust me i have had them as friends but the key here is to trust your intuition. 

If your intuition tells you anything about a person, please watch it because 99% of the time it's never wrong.

2) The intimidators. 

This ones speaks for themselves.  This person gains a weird kind of fulfillment from watching other people suffer.  By belittling others, they enhance their own sense of self-worth and validate their own superiority.  
I once had a friend whom i noticed that anything she sees on me is fake and not always good enough. She condemn my clothes no matter how beautiful they are. On one occasion i bought a phone and she told me a 100 & 1 reason why the phone wasn't good enough i won't lie i felt very bad. What surprised me was that the next week i saw her with this same phone and her only excuse was that hers is the original. In fact i can go on and on. 
When i tried avoiding her(I blocked her on watsappp, Facebook and deleted her from my Bbm) and it didn't work, I started praying about it until finally she stopped 
communicating with me. 

The key here is do not take anything they do or say personally.  The battle they are fighting is with themselves, not with you because i later learnt that this particular person is having issues with her London based husband. 

3) The show-off types. 

This is the person that only hangs out with you in-so-far as it contributes to their own self-image.  

They want to be seen in the eyes of others as having a certain level of popularity, connection, and if they know that hanging out with you will help enhance their social identity, then they will never leave your side.  
But when they see another replacement probably a more connected person, they stylishly dissappear from your circle. 

These people  aren’t really interested in friendship. They are interested in increasing their self-identity through you.
Love yourself enough to not allow these kinds of people into your life this year. Again, your intuition, the compass that helps you make decisions in life will always again signal you .  

If your internal bullsh*t meter is going off the charts, don’t ignore those feelings. Step away, and pursue relationships which suit you and serve you.  Life is too short to be spent with people who don’t deserve your time and energy.(fullstop) 


  1. Yesoooooo, these types of people will have no place in my life this 2016. Thanks for sharing Glo

    Alabekee's Blog

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  3. Chronic lairs too. Thanks for sharing this. These kind of people should be avoided.

  4. Pretenders as well

  5. This is so helpful Gloria but still a lot of people believe that they are wise and can manage these friends even after knowing and seeing these characters in their friends.

    And when Jesus knew it, he saith unto them, Why reason ye... perceive ye not yet, neither understand? have ye your heart yet hardened? Having eyes, see ye not? and having ears, hear ye not...? Mark 8:17-18


  6. Ok! That's wonderful...I like the list though I disagreed with the fact that I have to do away with them.

    I rather develop a coping skill for them. If am to do away with anybody with a related attribute you just described above, then who else would be my friend, my co workers, my neighbor, coursemate and my casual friends?

    Honestly its hard to find some free of all these....we have to cope and know how to relate with them.

    END'S TIME COMMENT? Don't mind me Gloria.

    How you?

  7. We should only surround ourselves with people who bring out the best in us.

  8. Infact I don't even need them in my life 2016

    Bolatito’s Blog

  9. Nice. I like it when another blogger blogs about something I've been thinking about all day- PEOPLE. Wait to you see what was laid in my heart to share for tomorrow. :)

  10. Very very true...i so cant deal with such people...2016 is a year of change


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