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Yayyyy or Nayyyy: Should Fat People Be Charged More When Traveling?

The check-in girl scowls as I try my best to be tactful. You see, these days, when I fly, I'm very particular about where I sit.

Why fat people should be charged more to fly it's not extra legroom or a window I'm after. I just hate being plonked next to someone who - how shall I put it? - is a little too large for their seat. My request is always met with utter disapproval. Once, I was told not to moan and be grateful I am such a 'beanpole'.

But as a slim person of 8 st, I am sick of finding myself sitting next to someone more than four times my size on flights. It happens so often, I reckon I'm sized up at check-in as a suitable companion for the clinically obese.
Julia Stephenson often finds herself sandwiched between two large people. She tries to drink as little as possible during the flight so she won't be forced to climb over them to use the loo

On a recent flight, I was settling in to my seat when, to my horror, a giant of a man plumped himself down next to me. My heart sank.

Worse are the times when I find myself in the middle, squashed between two much larger people: the wafer-thin filling in a human sandwich. When that happens, I try to drink as little as possible during the flight. I'd rather risk dehydration than try to polevault over them to reach the loo.
I used to live in the U.S., where obesity is off the scale. There, the proportion of the population considered overweight is around 50 per cent more than in the UK, so nearly every flight was a misery. You know you're in for an uncomfortable ride when the arm rests between the seats have to be raised to allow for 'overspill'.

Once, I was sat next to a woman so enormous I was told to move to a seat behind. I was happy to oblige. But it meant she paid for one seat and got two.
And on another awful 18-hour flight my gargantuan neighbour polished off his meal, drank a bottle of wine, then fell asleep like a dead tree on my shoulder.
The stewardess and I managed to prop him up, but he kept falling back on me. I feared I might suffocate.

So it's little wonder that I find myself agreeing with chief medical officer Professor Dame Sally Davies's recent suggestion of charging fatties more to fly.
She argues that, in the age of the supersize traveller, our total weight (passenger and luggage) should be taken into account at check-in. I couldn't agree more.
Tall people have to pay for extar legroom - why shouldn't fat people pay for extra seat room? (stock)

Why fat people should be charged more to fly was livid last year when I was made to pay excess baggage costs because my case was a fraction over the allowance. How could this be fair when the woman behind me - at least 17 st - paid nothing extra because she had a smaller suitcase? What good is travelling light if you're tipping the scales in the wrong direction?

I don't mean to be unkind. I hate it when people are bullied for their size. As a skinny person, I'm often subject to cruel remarks, and I understand that being fat can have a genetic component.
But this is pure economics. More weight on-board means aircraft need to take on more fuel. So airlines shouldn't be criticised for charging by the pound.
Tall people already have to pay for extra legroom. Are they offended? Hardly.
As far as I am concerned, we need to stop being PC and let people take responsibility for themselves.

My friend, Joyce, 49, an air stewardess for an American airline, doesn't mince her words. 'Passengers are getting so fat, we'll soon be able to give up using tray tables and they can just use their stomachs,' she grumbles.
She's all for passengers standing on the scales with their luggage at check-in. 'There should be a weight limit, with charges payable above that. It also means the pilot knows exactly what weight the plane will be carrying, making fuel requirements more accurate.'

In the same way many smokers support the smoking ban, a lot of overweight people support the idea of a flying fat tax. But there is, predictably, much opposition. The trouble is, being obese is now seen as an illness, rather than a condition of our own making.

Culled From Mail Online

Do you agree with this writer?? Have a fab weekend you all. 
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  1. I don't agree joor
    Let her pay more to sit in a more comfortable place lol
    Happy Weekend and New Month Gloria

  2. I don't agree joor. Wat if they don't have money to pay for two sits?

  3. LOL. I don't agree too.

    (Hi Glo, edit the title of the post. *should)

    1. Thanks dear you see why we should have you around all the time..

  4. i also dont because she thinks shez skinny, everyone should also be skinny yea...mstweeh

    Glowyshoes's blog

    My Facebook

  5. Yes nah, they should pay more. They will now want to occupy the seat with their fatness

  6. lols, i no wan cos trouble here cos na ladies they answer.,,,,,,,,,,,,, are the ladies above me all fat?...#najokeideyo

  7. I'm in support ooo, they should pay more because of the inconvenience they will cause for other occupants of the bus. lolz

    1. I support oh...the way we 'alikas' are oppressed in buses n Co by these big peeps is becoming something to worry about.
      Nma's Blog 

  8. Heheheee... very funny and controversial too.
    I think her argument is valid. Why should tall people be asked to pay for extra leg space when their height is not something they brought on themselves? Most fat people are that size because of habits over time. Most of them (not all though) cause the reason they are fat and remain fat - just like the way I am adding some pounds these days.
    It is not fair when they inconvenience others with small sizes. So I say Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Lols.

  9. We pay per head to fly not per pound....and moreover if they pay extra charges would that be deducted from your fare? If yes let them pay extra...if no..kai No No from me.

    I can't support a policy to enrich the airline at the detriment of others.

  10. Replies
    1. I'm always this unfortunately whenever I travel too

  11. Nope, I don't agree, sounds unfair

  12. Ha-ha then many of friends will have to spend oooo

  13. lol..............they should pay more jareeee


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