Thursday, 31 December 2015

The Year 2015 Grace Spoke For Me

Ooops so It's already the last day of 2015? What an eventful year it has been.

What a year of grace 2015 has been! I am full of gratitude to God for great grace that has been speaking for me.
This narration it's not going to be in any particular order. Just read and flow with me.

If you are reading this, then, i would say congratulations to you and i that we made it.
Dearie i would have been an hopeless case if not for grace.
Yes, i had my low moments, i cried, i was broken,i was mocked, at a time my emotions and strength totally failed me but grace found me again.

I lost a loved one that was very dear to me, as a matter of fact he was our best man on our wedding he was 29 and not even
married. His death is one very low point of my 2015.

The year also brought me lots of good tidings. Like this blog was birthed this year, i had a major surgery(myomectomy) this year, but God saw me through it all and granted me very speedy recovery. God added to my years. HE kept my home and blessed my husband tremendously, i met interesting personalities this year too, great doors where opened for me, and so many uncountable blessings and for that i remain greatful to God for the paramount which is life.

I visited Amaka's blog the other day and saw her post on what she got for christmas. I then, suddenly realized that apart from a visit to the salon i didn't actually get any gift lolz.
I was like it's alright and about to wave the thought aside, when the Holy Spirit reminded me of an encounter i had on the 12th of Dec. Let me share briefly.

So that day happened to be the last day of Shiloh 2015, it's also an impartation service, i attended with a heart full of expectations and a list full of prayer requests (as it is the tradition in Shiloh).
On that day bishop (David Oyedepo), preached or stewardship. As the message was going on,the Holy Spirit kept reminding of how and where i have gradually gone cold in my service to God.
I began to struggle with my myself trying to form busy and spiritual at the same time but trust the Holy Spirit in His usual gentle manner He kept on talking to me not strifing but putting some things to my remembrance. I all fairness my peace at that point, left me and i began pleading for God's mercies.
When it was time bishop made an altar call of rededication, i defile all odds, and stepped out boldly ignoring the many eyes staring at me [ am kind of known in that branch lolz ].
To cut the long story short, from that moment on, i have enjoyed unexplainable peace. That to me is a gift worth celebrating.

I also want to thank you all who has been there for me. Those who took out time to visit my blog even when i don't have anything interesting to publish,those who drop comments, the anonymous,those who have found me worthy to give them counsel, everyone who have sent in a guest post, my fellow bloggers who have been so honest in giving counsel, i say may God bless you all. This is one family i have grown to love and cherish. Let's together make 2016 greater.

Over to you how has 2015 treated you? Do you have any highlights you want to share, please feel free to do so in the comments section.

I see you all, i love you all.


  1. All I can say is Thank you Lord..

  2. Thank you gloria, love you too and a happy new year in advance,

    Your blog has touched life this year and that's a sign of fulfilment.

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    15 Super Prayers You Must Claim Today The Last Day Of The Year :-

  3. God has been ever faithful.

  4. Thank you Love! happy last Day of 2015! Yes if not for His Grace where would we have been! Grace has brought us through!
    God bless the day we met! Indeed you've been a sister and a friend! I love you! *smiles*

  5. i say hank u God for d year, ups n downs but he is ever graceful and i am forever grateful..

  6. God has been so existence till now irrespective of what I have achieved is enough to thank him.

    Thank God for your life Gloria. May your testimonies be permanent.

    Chincobee’s Blog

  7. Thank you Lord. I also thank God for your life, your testimonies shall be permanent in Jesus' Name

    Have a prosperous new year

    1. Amen. Thanks and happy new year to you.

  8. God has been gracious... may he continue to bless us in 2016.

    Happy New year Gloria and her blog fans.
    Egwumba’s Blog


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  10. Thanks be to Almighty!! Gloria bless your beautiful heart dear.. Happy New Year to you and everyone here!

  11. Awww, first of, I love your new blog look.
    The greatest gift of all is life, if we have life we have all.

    May 2016 be better than the last. We shall testify

    Happy new year

  12. Lol @ I visited Heart Rays Don't mind me o. Thank you for being there. God bless you.

    1. OK thanks for the correction. God bless you too.


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