Friday, 18 December 2015

Rate Me

It's the dawn of a new day my people. All glory to God alone. How una dey? How are your businesses, career, jobs, and your blogs??.
So it's officially 6 days left before Christmas and 13 days to the end of the year.
Hope the year have been kind to you? I believe that even if you didn't meet all your target at least you weren't where you were before right? And for the fact that you are reading this, means you are alive so to that, we thank baba God because nothing is to be rated higher than the value of our lives.
From the depth of my heart i want to say a big thanks to you all for always being there. You are one family i cannot trade for anything. I may not have what it takes to do a big give away now, but i am certain that come 2016 good things will happen to everyone of us because of a truth, there's God.

This is not a "thank you" post (that will come later) rather it's a "rate me" post.
Please i guys i am not a "know it all" person. I have my flaws just like every other person. I am not even a good writer but one thing i always desire is to be better than i was yesterday. You can have brilliant ideas but if you can't get it across, your ideas won't get you anywhere.

Therefore,today, i want you guys to tell me what you think about TLB, what i have been doing right, what i haven't done at all, where i need to improve on, what i should introduce, your favorite gist on the blog etc.
There should be at least one criticism from each person if you truly wish me well.  
It doesn't matter how it makes me feel it is said that a truth that disheartening because it is true, is of more value than the stimulating of falsehood.

This is very important to me please.

Thank you and a merry Christmas in advance.


  1. Believe me Gloria, you are good at what you are doing. I believe in you. and the Big question is Gloria do you believe in yourself???

    Gloria there are only two people you can't deceive. that's yourself and God.

    Do what you know is good and leave the rest to God!

    if someone praise you when you are not doing well, dear you will know!

    praises: It affirms the person and their sense of identity. It develops meaning for their lives and tells them they are worthy.
    For praise to be motivating it has to be sincere, specific and deserved.

    It is very good of you to demand for these answers.see you at the top in 2016!

    well done and compliment of the season!!!

    1. Thanks but I can't know it all and ofcourse i believe in myself.. Thanks for being part of my 2015

  2. Lucy said most of the things I would have loved to say.... But in addition, I feel u should make your articles lenghty and add stories to your articles... Like personalizing them... But all in all, I love your work very much. There is always something for me when I read them

    1. Thanks dear this is more like it. Noted

  3. you are good at what you do so keep being you, i will say my Guest post on your blog on NUDITY IN OUR FEMALE YOUTHS. was my best post on your blog though...#sideeyeslikechinco#


  4. I don't really have anything negative to say o. Maybe cos I just started reading but I love that you love God. It gives me peace to find people like you in this world, it's like the there is still hope for the world. Lucy, you are also special, keep loving the Lord. God bless you.

  5. I like your blog and write-ups. Keep it up

  6. Your blog style is unique which makes it you. Don't stop being yourself Gloria. I wish u nothing but the best

  7. Glo dear, you've done quite well since the inception of this great blog. All I would say is keep up the good work and do not let anything pull you down. Well done sweetie

  8. Well I don't have much to say. You are doing well.

  9. I must commend on this.fora a new blog to have acquire dedicated readers is a big deal girl.for supporting other blogs and bloggers good one.kudos

    Criticism????nonei can think of.seriously you are doing a
    job.infact I want to be like you when I grow up.
    Someone made a comment about lengthy articles,I totally disagree.don't makei t lengthy,people are too lazy to's better to keep it moderate

    1. Thanks so much Bmf. Lol @ your u want to be like me when you grow up statement.
      Seriously I don't like lengthy articles that is one of the reasons why i run from some blogs. Yes most people including me are lazy when it comes to reading long article that's why most times i put my guest post in parts.
      Can i state that even the short article some don't read but just jump to the comment section.
      I try to do as much as I can to make my visitors read my post so that is one major reason why i don't do lengthy post cos i try to put myself in their shoes. Thanks for bringing this up didn't state it above cos i wanted to also hear from others. I also thank senanablog for the observation at least it has given me an opportunity to explain.
      Thanks to you all for your contributions even as I look forward to more..

  10. my Glo glo you really doing a good job...but sometimes can you include other exicting topics so we not used to one pattern or more like we already know what gloria will post.

  11. there is always room for improvement... addd flesh to your post and since its a christ centred blog let it be testimony filled... personal experiences expository teaching sometimes, interview your spirital mentors... do a did u knw post on your niche


    1. Thanks favour yr suggestions are noted.

  12. I like your blog's theme and I love everything about the physical part. The write up is good even though they are not always perfect.

    Personally I hate to see a good writer using 'i' in place of 'I' at the middle of his/her post. I think Gloria does that in all her posts.

    Talking about commitment, I don't think she is. She might be busy doing something else that is taking her time though, but she is not really giving her time to the blog. I knew this blog in some couples of months ago with a post per day, and I think till today she still does the same and some days none...then where is the improvement in term of commitment?

    If you are not an entertainment blogger, you must look far above your immediate readers like your friends, family, colleagues or co bloggers when you are putting up your post. Think of the ordinary man in his room with a depressed mind who needed to be talked too through an online cancelling. How easy is your blog friendly to search engine to help that man?

    Do you realized that people can still make reference to your blog posts in the next 50years? So why are you writing as if it is meant to be consumed today alone?

    The nature of your posts strongly determines it's length. If you are giving a tips, you have to continue writing until you are done telling them what to do.

    Don't just think of Saheed, BMF or other friends around... think of those who really needed the post and are serioussssssssly searching for it.

    I know of some Christians' blogs who are into marriage cancelling, Christian children, Christian homes, Christian Youths, How Christians should behave at work, school, to his/her neighbors, and to non Christians. What are you doing about this?

    Sorry for this lengthy comment 'I forgot you don't like it.

    1. Thanksssss uthman this mean so much to me. I really want to improve hence this post. Every point you mentioned is so vital and God's willing will improve for the better. Thanks

  13. Am new here,so far so good, nice blog

  14. Being a blogger aint no beans. Glo, I must commend you to keeping up at this so far. Well done!

    One thing I'd suggest is to be more personal with us. The other day you mentioned you were going through some issues, which you wanted us to praay about. In my heart, I was wishing you could just let it all out. Sweetie,you have let us know your struggles too. Make us believe we can "trend with Gloria" in the good days as well as in the not-so-good days. You get?

    I'm a sucker for those who are transparent with their lives on the blogosphere. I feel connected to them naturally.

    Overall, your blog is amazing. I always look forward to the "lesson for the week" every Friday. :)

    1. Thanks my own Amaka have been looking forward to your comment. Lol.
      I really do appreciate the contributions so far. God bless you all.

  15. nice blog and concept!.. the Lord is your strength my dear

  16. Regarding what needs to be worked on, I don't really know what to say because in 2015, am not so good at seeing people's flaws esp since am not so that consistent here on TLB. Can i message you back in 2016?

    1. OK then the Duke of the blogsphere i await your mail.

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